Who We Are

The Police Department has three Divisions: Administration, Patrol and Support Services.

Administration Division - is the head of the Police Department, assisted by other professionals. 

Patrol Division - calls for service, crisis situations, district patrol, Traffic unit, S.T.A.R. Team, Community Service Officers. 

Support Services Division - comprised of several units which support all functions of the Police Department. A Division Commander of Major's rank supervises all aspects of the Division. One Captain is assigned to oversee the Staff Services Unit. Another Captain oversees the Investigations Unit.

The Shawnee Police Department has 115 full-time employees, 94 of those are commissioned Police Officers.

  • 1 Police Chief 
  • 1 Lieutenant Colonel 
  • 2 Majors 
  • 4 Captains 
  • 13 Sergeants 
  • 73 Police Officers

The Police Department also has a support staff comprised of:

  • 11 Dispatchers
  • 2 Community Service Officers - Animal Control
  • 1 Community Service Officer - Property Control
  • 3 Police Services Technicians
  • 1 Police Services Supervisor
  • 1 Crime Analyst
  • 1 Assistant to the Police Chief
  • 1 Research and Analysis Manager
Police Department