City of Shawnee

Boards and Commissions

The City has a variety of boards and commissions that act as advisory boards to the City Council. The members of most of these bodies are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Governing Body. 

Application to Serve

Below are boards and commissions and current vacancies and expiring terms. In some instances, current board members may or may not wish to be reappointed. If you are interested in serving on a City’s board or commission, submit a letter of interest, indicating which board(s) and/or commission(s) you are interested in serving on, with a resume to or by mail to: Mayor’s Office - Shawnee City Hall, 11110 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66203

Letters of interest are always welcome and are generally held for three years. As vacancies occur, appointments are recommended by the Mayor and are approved by the City Council. In some instances, residency in a certain Ward may be required or the Mayor may ask for a recommendation from specific council members to ensure a broad representation from throughout the community.

Bicycle Advisory Board
Characteristics: Avid bicycle rider and knowledge of local bicycle-friendly amenities and routes

Board of Zoning and Appeals
Characteristics: Knowledge and/or experience with the zoning process and building permit process and regulations

CityRide Task Force
Characteristics: User/promoter of alternative transportation modes along with an interest in promoting the CityRide partnership throughout the community with representation from the senior and disabled community

Civil Service Commission
Characteristics: Knowledge and experience with human resources, law enforcement, and/or community outreach and engagement related to race relations

Code Board of Appeals
Characteristics: Experience with various building trades, general construction along with expertise in the building code requirements

Downtown Partnership Committee

Characteristics: Person who lives, owns/operates a business within downtown Shawnee, or has other interests in promoting, aiding, and investing [time, money, other resources, etc.] in the enhancement and preservation of Shawnee's downtown.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
Characteristics: Support, promote, and encourage excellence in developing and maintaining the city’s parks, special events, natural resources, recreation facilities, as well as cultural, educational, health, and recreational programs

Planning Commission
Characteristics: Knowledge and understanding of the development plan process and related statutory requirements as well as an understanding of the dynamics, needs, and expectations of the entire community from a development perspective and needs perspective by being involved and engaged in the community. Experience in a development-related field such as engineering, construction, finance, appraisal, aerial photography, land development, etc. is also helpful.

Visit Shawnee Advisory Committee
Characteristics: Interest in the promotion of the tourism industry by showcasing the unique assets of the community through volunteer opportunities or management/ownership of a travel-related business including hotels, restaurants, and attractions which are impacted by tourism and travel