City of Shawnee Fire Department Fire Department

Career Opportunities

Firefighters perform duties related to fire prevention, suppression, emergency rescue, basic life support, and first aid under emergency conditions frequently involving considerable danger. Employees in this classification work under direction supervision of a Fire Captain and must adhere to rules and regulations for the safety of all persons. Training provides firefighters with general guidance to perform this position, and ongoing knowledge development/maintenance is required.

Salary Range:

Recruit Firefighter: $41,324.44 - $41,324.44
Firefighter I: $42,600.63 - $45,608.80
Firefighter II: $45,608.80 - $53,478.68
Firefighter III: $53,478.68 - $65,547.77
Firefighter IV: $59,510.22 - $70,889.64
Master Firefighter: $65,541.77 - $76,237.50

Minimum Qualifications for Recruit Firefighter

A Firefighter Recruit must possess the following prior to application deadline:

  • High school or general equivalency diploma (GED). 
  • Certification as a State of Kansas Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), - EMT - Advanced (A), or Paramedic.   
  • The following International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) certifications though the Kansas Fire and Rescue Training Institute or equally recognized and accredited organization: 
    • Firefighter I  
    • Firefighter II 
    • HAZMAT Awareness 
    • HAZMAT Operations  
  • Certified Physical Agility Test (CPAT) 
  • Fire Service Entrance Exam (FSEE)
Work Schedule:
Shift fire personnel work a regular pattern of 24-hour shifts in a 28 day work period. This includes: 24 hours on shift (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.), 24 hours off duty, 24 hours on duty, 24 hours off duty, 24 on duty, 96 hours off duty (this schedule is often referred to as the "California Berkley Shift").