City of Shawnee


Basic information regarding signs in the City of Shawnee is provided below. The City requires a Sign Permit Application prior to the installation of any signage, and restrictions apply. Additional information may be obtained from Shawnee Municipal Code Chapter 5.64 Sign Code and the Planning Department.

Permit fees may be doubled for signs displayed prior to receipt of a permit. Signs must be removed within 180 days of business relocation or closure.

Monument Signs
  • One monument sign per street frontage is allowed for shopping centers and freestanding buildings that are not in shopping centers.
  • Monument signs may be up to 7 feet in height, and the sign face may be up to 50 square feet in area. At least 50% of the sign base must be enclosed.
  • The outer edge of a monument sign may be placed on the property line. Landscaping extending a minimum of 3 feet on all sides of the sign base must be placed around monument signs, and the signs must be within a yard area, or within a curbed landscaped area in the parking lot.
  • A site plan of the entire lot is required.
  • The permit fee for a monument sign is $75.
  • The permit fee for a tenant panel in a shopping center monument sign is $25.
Wall Signs
  • Each business is allowed one wall sign for each street frontage, as well as on the side or rear of a building adjacent to an off-street parking area and/or two-way driving aisle at least 40 feet in width.
  • Wall signs in shopping centers must conform to the approved unified sign scheme for the center as a whole. This may include placement of the sign within a sign band and adherence to prescribed colors.
  • A wall sign may not exceed 7% of the area of the store facade on which it is placed. Signs on free-standing canopies may cover up to 10% of the canopy face. Sign copy area within a sign band may not exceed 5% of the signable area.
  • A wall sign must be located flat against the wall of the building, not to extend more than 18 inches from the wall. Projecting signs are however permitted in the Townsquare Zoning District.
  • Dimensioned or scalable building elevation drawings are required.
  • The permit fee for a wall sign is $75.
Window Signs
  • Signs may be placed on a window provided they do not include flashing or blinking lights or cover more than 50% of the area of the window(s) in which they are placed.
  • No permit or fee is required for window signs.
Temporary Signs
  • Permits are required for temporary signs.
  • Permits may be obtained for 90 total days per calendar year. The length and price of these permits are as follows:
    • Consecutive Days
      • 3 consecutive days -- $20
      • 7 consecutive days -- $25
      • 15 consecutive days -- $40
      • 30 consecutive days -- $75
      • 60 consecutive days -- $150
      • 90 consecutive days -- $225
    • Non-Consecutive Days
      • 30 non-consecutive days -- $100
      • 60 non-consecutive days -- $200
      • 90 non-consecutive days -- $300
  • Temporary banners mounted on the building façade may be no larger than 32 square feet.
  • Temporary banners may be placed in the yard area of the parcel upon which the business is located. These unattached temporary signs may be no larger than 20 square feet.
  • A grand opening sign permit may be obtained upon opening a new business for the price of $40. This is a one time permit valid for up to 30 days. This period does not count toward the allowable permit days in the year.
  • Hot or cold air balloons, pennants, and flags are temporary signs, and must meet certain criteria. (Such as being attached to the building)
  • Restaurants that do not have a drive through lane may have one A-frame menu board no greater than 20 square feet in size placed on the sidewalk adjacent to the entrance of the restaurant.
Prohibited Signs (by ordinance)
  • Signs for home-based businesses
  • Portable signs
  • Off-site advertising (including billboards)
  • Pole or pylon signs
  • Signs with changeable copy (except for theater marquees and gasoline price signs)
  • Signs with moving parts or flashing or moving lights

Sign Diagrams