City of Shawnee


Inspections on your development project within the City are dependent on the nature of your building project. Below is a summary list of the different types of inspections that may be required for commercial development.

Building Inspection Requirements
Building, land disturbance and site development inspections are made in accordance with the city's adopted building codes and standards.

New Commercial Buildings
Construction projects are inspected at each stage of construction to provide for protection of the public and to ensure compliance with the adopted building codes.

Planning Development Information
Site plan approval is required before a building permit may be issued for any duplex, multi-family, commercial or industrial buildings.

Food/Restaurant Inspections
Food/Restaurant establishments are inspected before they open, when ownership changes or if a complaint is received.

The Fire Department inspects all buildings in Shawnee on a regular basis to ensure they meet today's safety codes as well as tomorrow's challenges.