Schedule a Residential Security Assessment

The Shawnee Police Department is pleased to offer our citizens a free Residential Security Assessment to help keep your home as safe and prepared as possible from unwanted intruders.

The assessment consists of an on-site examination of your property and the surrounding area in order to help citizens:

  • Identify security deficiencies and/or risks
  • Consider additional protection needs
  • Optimize their home’s ability to discourage and/or slow down an unlawful entry

The assessment focuses on how someone may try to illegally enter a person’s home and what steps can be taken to stop or slow down a criminal. While this assessment is intended to help make it more difficult, time consuming and uncomfortable for an intruder to gain entry, this service should not be construed as making any home “burglar proof." Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a home being burglar or theft proof.

The primary intent of this assessment is to prepare homes that will deter unlawful intrusion. A secondary goal is to impede progress by creating difficulty and exposing an intruder to detection and hopefully being apprehended prior to obtaining access to a property.

Some of the areas covered during the assessment include interior and exterior lighting, landscaping, doors, windows and window coverings, alarm systems, garage burglaries, and vacation checklists. All adult family members are encouraged to attend.

For more information or to schedule a security assessment, please call (913) 742-6880 or email Officer Roman Madrigal with the Shawnee Police Department.

Security Assessments are performed by John Bowman, who is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) with the American Society for Industrial Security.

Spending over twenty years on active duty in the U.S. Navy, he was an Intelligence Specialist and served numerous tours of duty overseas, onboard ships and at locations within the United States. He retired from active duty in 1987 after his last assignment at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC.

Following retirement, he was employed as a Security Specialist for the Department of Defense, overseeing all aspects of security related to several sensitive government projects. He retired from federal service as a Supervisory Security Specialist in 2003.

He continued his career as a physical security manager for a major telecommunications company, conducting physical security assessments at the company’s commercial and network locations nationwide. His employment with that company ended with his retirement in June 2014 but he continues to spend a portion of his leisure time as a volunteer with the Shawnee Police Department working in the crime prevention field.