City of Shawnee


The climbing structure at Erfurt Park is still closed. The north post is broken at the footing. For your safety, please stay outside of the fenced in area.  

Playground repairs are scheduled to begin on Monday, October 4th. We anticipate the process being completed by the end of October. Due to the scope of project, the swings at Erfurt Park will be closed during the repairs.

The last day for operation of the splash pad at Erfurt Park will be Sunday, September 26th. Thank you for a great first season!

Erfurt Park features 20.6 acres of parkland with a pond, observation hill and 0.6 mile walking trail. Kids love the combination of a modern playground and nature playground featuring a built in slide, climbing boulders and sand play. Erfurt Park has two multi-use sports fields and two shelters. The Erfurt Park Pavilion is the largest shelter in Shawnee and includes a fire place and buffet ledge with power outlets. Erfurt is popular for parties of all sizes, outdoor play and it's beautiful views from the top of the observation hill.

Pavilion Specifications:
Capacity: 64
Electricity: Yes
Tables: 8

Erfurt Play Shelter Specifications:
Capacity: 32
Electricity: No
Tables: 4

Erfurt Park Specifications:
Handicap Parking: Yes
Restrooms: Permanent restrooms during season; portable restrooms during winter
Water Fountain: Yes

Park Rules:

  • Park hours are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Motorized vehicles prohibited in parks.
  • Alcoholic and cereal malt beverages prohibited in park.
  • Dogs must be on leash and under owners control.
  • Skating prohibited on tables, benches, play equipment and in shelter areas.
  • Please utilized the recycling and trash receptacles. 

 park map