City of Shawnee

Road Closures

Questions about a Road Closure? Check Here!
Posted on 07/06/2021

Here is an updated list of road closures throughout the City. If you have any questions about the closures, shoot us an e-mail us here.          

  • Monticello Road is closed from Shawnee Mission Parkway to 71st Terrace. Please note that this includes the intersection at Monticello and Midland Drive. Midland Drive at Monticello is expected to open on Thursday, August 12. The Monticello Road closure between Midland and Shawnee Mission Parkway is expected to last through October 2021. As construction on the Monticello Road Project continues, drivers can expect detours and some temporary closures from Shawnee Mission Parkway to 71st Terrace and 71st Terrace from Monticello to Chouteau. If you'd like to read more about the project, click here