City of Shawnee

Plan Review and Permitting

General Overview
The Development Services Department is responsible for the engineering review of both private and public improvement plans. The department is also responsible for issuing Public Improvement Permits (PIP), field inspection of the public improvements, and the review of stormwater treatment and stormwater detention facilities.
Plan Review Process
Prior to the submittal of the engineering plans for review, the Engineer of Record (EOR) is responsible for scheduling a pre-design meeting with the City’s Development Engineer. In this meeting the Development Engineer will address questions from the EOR and summarize the plan review process. In addition all permit, fee, bond, and post construction as-built requirements will be outlined.

The EOR is required to fill out the Plan Review Application (pdf) and pay all associated plan review fees at the time the engineering plans are submitted for initial review. A separate set of plans is required to be prepared by the EOR for each type of improvement (i.e. site civil, street, storm drainage, and streetlight). The Development Engineer will review each plan set and provide feedback to the EOR in the form of an email and/or a redlined comments. Once the plans are determined to be acceptable, record sets will be signed by the City Engineer.
Public Improvement Permit Process
The engineering plans for each type of improvement must be reviewed and accepted by the City Engineer prior to Development Services issuing a PIP. A PIP is required for work on privately funded public improvements within the City. A separate PIP must be obtained for the street, storm drainage, public site civil, and streetlight improvements by the respective contractor for each.

Public Improvement Permit Process (pdf)
Public Improvement Permit Application (pdf)
Public Improvement Performance and 2 year Maintenance Bond (pdf)

If someone other than the Owner, CEO or President of the company applying for the PIP is going to sign the permit application on behalf of the company, the Owner Authorization Form (pdf) is required to be completed. Failure to provide an executed copy of this form will result in Development Services not processing the permit application.
Projects that include Stormwater Treatment Facilities (STF)
The Final Stormwater Treatment Report is required to be submitted along with the engineering plans for review and acceptance. The Stormwater Treatment Facility Checklist (pdf) has been prepared by Development Services to assist the EOR with the design of the STF and the preparation of the final report.

The Stormwater Treatment Covenant (pdf) is required to be recorded at the County prior to the acceptance of the engineering plans. The owner/developer shall provide the Development Engineer with the executed covenant to be recorded concurrently with the final plat. In addition to the covenant, the owner/developer will also need to execute the Stormwater Treatment Maintenance Agreement (pdf) prior to plan acceptance. This agreement will be kept on record at the City together with the Final Stormwater Treatment Report.

Prior to a Certificate of Occupancy for a non-residential building, the owner/developer is required to provide the City with a Stormwater Treatment Maintenance Bond (pdf) and the EOR is required to certify the construction of the facilities and provide a detailed as-built drawing. The bond and as-built drawing should be submitted to the Development Engineer for review and acceptance.
Projects that include Stormwater Detention Facilities
Stormwater Detention Facilities are required to be bonded as part of the Public Improvement Permit. Prior to Certificate of Occupancy for a non-residential building or the release of buildings permits for a residential subdivision, the EOR is required to certify the construction of the facilities and provide a detailed as-built drawing. The as-built drawing should be submitted to the Development Engineer for review and acceptance.
The Development Services Department Inspectors are responsible for the general construction observation of projects that contain public improvements. In addition, the contractor is provided a list of items that require detailed pass/fail inspections at the time the PIP is issued. The Public Improvement Permit Process handout (pdf) provides further information on the department’s inspection program.
Contact Information
Engineering plans and Public Improvement Permit Applications can be dropped off at the front desk of the Community Development Department located in the lower west wing of City Hall, 11110 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66203, Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Contact the Development Engineer by phone at (913) 742-6211 or by E-Mail with questions or to request additional information.