City of Shawnee

Capital Improvement Program

Capital Improvement Plan

In accordance with the City’s Comprehensive Financial Policy (PS-66), the Governing Body annually develops and adopts a Capital Improvements Program. Staff has identified and assembled the 2020-2029 Ten Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The City’s CIP includes projects that exceed $150,000 in cost and encompasses streets, stormwater, parks, facilities, and traffic control. The focus of the current CIP is on City infrastructure projects. The current CIP covers 2019 through 2024 and was adopted by the Governing Body on May 28, 2019.

Maintenance Improvement Plan

The City’s MIP includes projects that exceed $50,000 in cost and encompasses stormwater, parks, facilities, and traffic control maintenance. Maintenance is defined as significant repairs to, renovation or rehabilitation of, or in-kind replacement of city infrastructure and facilities. The City’s maintenance program includes both major and preventive maintenance projects. Major maintenance includes renovation of, large-scale repairs to, and in-kind replacement of existing city-owned assets. Preventive maintenance includes projects and programs to protect and significantly extend an asset’s useful life. Routine annual work or minor repairs to equipment, infrastructure or facilities are defined as an operating expense and are included in the General Fund. Replacement of infrastructure or facilities which would result in increased capacity are defined as a Capital Improvement Plan.

For a map showing the location of the planned projects from the six-year CIP and MIP, please click here.

Below, please find the CIP and MIP summaries and individual project sheets.