City of Shawnee

Commercial Buildings: New

New projects must obtain approval prior to release of the building permit from:

Community Development Department  (913) 742-6011
Development Engineering Division (913) 742-6012
Building Permits and Inspections (913) 742-6010
Stormwater Management (913) 742-6312
Fire Department (913) 631-1080

All utilities are provided by entities that are separate from the City of Shawnee. Separate permit review and approval processes may be required by each utility.

Required Inspections (pdf)

Planning Division Submittal Requirement
Planning Commission approval is required prior to submitting application for building permit for all new buildings. Plans submitted for approval must include any changes required by the Planning Commission during their review. This may include a requirement to provide revised sheets to the Planning Division prior to submission for a building permit. Sets of plans submitted which do not include the site plan and elevations approved by the Planning Commission will not be issued permits. These plans include exterior elevations, site work, landscaping, public street, storm water drainage, or other improvements, which may be required.

Development Engineering Division Plan Review and Permitting

The Development Engineering Division is responsible for the Plan Review of civil engineering drawings associated with new commercial buildings. The civil engineering drawings are required to be bound as a separate plan set and should be submitted directly to the Development Engineering Division for review.

Public Improvement Permit is typically required for most new commercial building projects. Additionally, a Right-of-Way Work Permit and/or a Street Excavation Permit may be required for utility service line connections that occur within the Right-of-Way.

Questions, contact Development Engineering Division (913) 742-6012.

Building Codes Division Submittal Requirements
A completed Commercial Permit Application (pdf) should be included with the application package. A plan review fee equal to 65% of the building permit fee will be collected at the time the application is made. This fee is in addition to the cost of the building permit, when issued. The permit fee is derived from the fee schedule (pdf). The project value is the total value of the building (plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire protection). Cost of interior finishes may be excluded.

Submit two hard copies of complete construction drawings, and one digital copy which are sealed by a Kansas architect or engineer. The plans should include:

Sprinkler Plans
A pre-construction “stake” plot plan sealed by a Kansas registered surveyor, with sufficient detail to ensure code compliance.

Please note that the “Design Professional in responsible charge” is responsible for the review and coordination of all submittal documents prepared by others, for compatibility with the design of the building (Re: 2018 IBC Section 107.3.4).

One copy of structural calculations, sealed by a Kansas registered professional engineer, and a soils report, prepared by a Kansas registered engineer.

Letters from a qualified individual(s) confirming their employment by the owner to provide special inspections and reports for the type of construction listed by the 2018 IBC Section 1705, and the Statement of Special Inspections program, as required by Section 1704.3.

A Standard Land Disturbance Permit is required by the City of Shawnee for any land disturbance occurring in a given area.

A copy of either a sewer permit or septic permit (Johnson County Environmental) for the project must be provided.

Permit applications for the construction of any food preparation areas must be reviewed and approved by the Johnson County Environmental Department (913) 492-0402.

Submit a list of all “Hazardous Materials” (as described in the 2018 IBC Section 307), and list specific quantities, uses, and amounts to be stored in open and closed containers; or submit a statement that none of the above items will be used or stored at the proposed project.

ADA Letter
Provide written verification from a Kansas registered architect that the proposed project design complies with all State and Federal laws concerning accessibility (ADA), and upon completion and prior to occupancy, provide written verification that the project was constructed in compliance with those accessibility laws. (Shawnee Municipal Code Ordinance 3265, Section 15.04.020)

Significant Amendments to Adopted Codes
Full text of the amendments may be found in the Shawnee Municipal Code, Buildings and Construction Chapter 15.04.000.

A summary of code modifications that may be of interest to project developers are as follows:

  1. Work Hours - construction work within 500 feet of a dwelling is prohibited between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. on weekends. (Note: During the months of June, July and August, work is permitted starting at 6:00 a.m. on weekdays.)
  2. Dwelling units in R-2 and R3 occupancy are required to be provided with entry doors meeting enhanced security requirements and exterior lighting at certain locations.
  3. Accessibility - Chapter 11 of the IBC has been omitted in its entirety and is replaced with the following:

Section 1101. General. Modifications to existing building or sites, and construction of new buildings and sites shall comply with all applicable federal and state laws governing access and usability by individuals with disabilities. The permit applicant of record shall obtain certification from a registered architect that both the project design and the finished construction comply with applicable federal and state regulations governing accessibility. The permit applicant of record shall submit the design certification to the building official prior to the issuance of a building permit. The finished construction certification shall be submitted to the building official prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the project. A single registered architect shall certify the entire scope of the project design documents and the finished construction project. The building official may waive submission of proof of certification for minor projects. The waiver of certification submission shall not relieve the requirement that the permit applicant of record obtain an architect's certification as described above. Appeals to accessibility requirements, where allowed by federal or state law, shall be heard by the board of appeals.

Checklist of submittal items (pdf)

A single building permit is issued for a project, which includes all electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work. All general contractors are required to have a current Business License to work in the City of Shawnee, and a Class A or B Johnson County Contractor’s License.

The 2018 IBC, 2018 IPC, 2018 IMC, 2018 IFGC, 2018 IECC, 2018 IFC, and the 2017 NEC have been adopted.

The City of Shawnee requires electric, telephone, and cable TV services to be underground. There are some exceptions to this requirement. Shawnee Municipal Code Chapter 15.64 Underground Utility