City of Shawnee

Work Plan

The City has continued to develop and refine its Work Plan document. The Work Plan ties together the City’s work with Priority Based Budgeting and projects that move the City forward that are outside “normal workloads.” The goals of the Work Plan have been replaced with the City’s “Results.” These Results get at the heart of what the Shawnee Governing Body see as the vital functions the City should perform. Results were then defined by staff and affirmed by the Governing Body. Definitions of the Results are included in the Result webs under each of the Results in the City-wide portion of the Work Plan.

The seven Results for the City include:

  • An Attractive, Healthy and Well-Maintained Community
  • Economic Growth and Vitality
  • Effective Mobility and Reliable Infrastructure
  • An Environmentally Sustainable and Well-Planned Community
  • Quality Cultural and Recreational Opportunities
  • Safe Community
  • Good Governance

The Work Plan contains City-wide and Department special activities that will be undertaken in the next year, in order to better achieve the City’s seven Results. These Projects include increased efficiencies, analysis of work processes, increased collaboration, public education and establishing foundations for future vision. These Projects are undertaken in addition to the regular Programs provided by the City.