City of Shawnee

Shawnee Economic Recovery Assistance Grant Program

Hey Shawnee businesses! Need a boost to bounce back? Are you a non-essential small business hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home order? We are here to help! If you meet the guidelines, you could get a grant of up to $5,000 to help cover your rent or mortgage. It’s called the Shawnee Economic Recovery Assistance (SERA) Grant Program.

The program guidelines and requirements are outlined fully in the blue bars below or you can find the pdf versions by clicking the green buttons below.

If you have questions, email us at or give us a call at (913) 742-6226.


Program Details

The  purpose  of  the  SERA  Grant  Program  is  to  provide  financial  relief  to  Shawnee  non-essential small  businesses  and  negatively  impacted  by  the  State  of  Kansas’  Stay  at  Home  Orders  and subsequent business reopening restrictions  in  response to  the  COVID-19  pandemic.  The  program provides one-time  $5,000 grant  to  assist  with  the  cost  of rent or  mortgage  payments,  to  offset the  significant  temporary  loss  of  revenue  during  this  pandemic.
Program Overview

Grants  of  up to  $5,000  for will  be  awarded  to  qualifying  small  businesses  located  in  Shawnee, Kansas  that  meet  the  following  criteria: 

  • Qualifying  businesses  include  restaurants,  bars,  short-term lodging,  and other  nonessential  businesses  impacted  by  the  State  of  Kansas  Stay-at-Home  orders  (E.O.-20-16 and  E.O.-20-24)  are  eligible.   
  • Funds can  only  be  used  to  pay  rent or  mortgage  costs  provided  those  costs  are  not  paid by  insurance  or  by  another local,  State,  Federal  or  private  programs.   
  • Repayment is not  required.
Eligible Businesses
  • A physical brick and mortar location in Shawnee, Kansas, and physically occupies a commercial or industrial space. 
  • 2-25 full-time employees, or equivalent part-time employees, including the owner as of March 1, 2020.   
  • Non-essential businesses covered  under  State of  Kansas  executive  orders  (E.O.-20-16  and E.O.-20-24)  and  businesses  required  to  remain  closed  or limit  operations  per  the  Statewide  Ad  Astra  Plan  reopening  orders  (E.O. 20-29  and  E.O. 20-31).   
  • Eligible business cannot be corporately owned, nor publicly traded. Local franchisees are eligible.   
  • Business must have an active City of Shawnee Business License.   
  • Business, which can demonstrate ongoing business operations as of March 1, 2020, and are currently operational.   
  • Business, which does not have any unpaid code enforcement liens and is not operating in violation of any State, Federal, or local laws.   
  • Owners with more  than  one  eligible  business may apply for each legal entity.
  • Non-profits and home-based businesses are not eligible.
Program Requirements
  • Business,  which  suffered  economic  damages  from  business  interruption caused by  the COVID-19  public  health  emergency  and subsequent  State  of Kansas  Stay-at-Home  orders and  reopening  restrictions  exceeding  $2,000  since  March 1  and  May  26,  2020,  excluding those costs  covered  by  insurance  or  monies from  any  local,  state  and/or Federal programs in which your  business  currently  has  available  to  them.
  • SERA Grants  will  be  used  to  pay  the  commercial rent/lease/mortgage  of  the  eligible business  up  to  three  months,  not to  exceed $5,000.  The  grant amount  depends  upon  the demonstrated  cost  of  the  monthly  commercial  lease/rent/mortgage  times  three.  Funds may  not  be  used  to  pay  arrearages  or  amounts  past  due  for commercial lease/rent/mortgage,  or  late  fees  or  penalties.  Monies  will be  paid  directly  to  the rent/lease/mortgage  holder on  behalf  of  the  eligible  business.
  • Avoidance of  “Duplication  of Benefits”

  • Use  of  Community  Development  Block  Grant  –  Coronavirus  Funds  prohibits  the “duplication  of  benefits”,  which  occurs  when  a  person,  household,  business,  or  other entity  receives  assistance  from multiple  sources  (local,  private,  State  and/or Federal)  for the  same  purpose  (rent/lease/mortgage  assistance)  and  the  total assistance  received  for that purpose  is  more  than the  total  need.   
  • Businesses  that  have  already  applied  for or received  funding  from local city  grant programs  that  do  not  support  ongoing  rent  or  mortgage  expenses  are  still eligible  for  this program, and businesses that  apply  for this  program may  also  apply  for current  and  future local city  of  Shawnee  grants  for  dissimilar  programs.   
  • Each  applicant  will  have  to  sign  an  affidavit  that it  will  not  apply  for  or  accept  other federal,  state,  local  or  private  loans  or  grants  or  other assistance  for  the  same  purposes for  which  SERA Grant  will  be  used or  in  excess  of  total  costs  for  that same  purpose

Applying for Assistance

Applications  for  SERA Grants  will  be  accepted  August  3,  2020  at  8:00  am  CDT  through  August 23,  2020 by  5:00 pm  CDT. Incomplete  applications  will not  be  reviewed  for  eligibility  and  will be  rejected.   Applications  will  be  accepted in person  in  the  Community  Development  Department,  Shawnee City  Hall  (11110 Johnson  Drive),  by  mail,  or uploaded  to  a shared  file  hosting  service.     

  • Please note that  mailed  hard  copies  will likely  delay  processing.
  • You must email  for  the  web  link to  upload your application  documents.
  • Provide  copies  –  do  not submit original  sensitive  documents.   

The  following  documents  (as  applicable)  must be  submitted  with  the  SERA  Grant  Application Form:

  1. Completed  W-9 form  for  business.  DBA,  Tax  ID  Number (or  Social  Security  Number  for sole  proprietor),  and  Mailing  Address  for Grant  Check  must  match  entries  in  General Information section.
  2. Copy of  Certificate  of  Good Standing  from  the  State  of Kansas
  3. Copy of lease, rental  or  mortgage  agreement  for  your commercial premises,  including  the minimum monthly  payment  requirements.   
  4. Completed  W-9 form  for  the  vendor  to  be  paid (e.g.,  landlord,  bank)  DBA,  Tax  ID  Number (or Social Security  Number for sole  proprietor),  and  Mailing  Address  for Grant  Check  must match  entries  in General  Information section.
  5. Business  Financials
    • Individual (Sole  Proprietors  and  individual/single-owner  LLCs)
      • 2019  Schedule  C  (Form  1040)  AND  most recent  Annual and  Quarterly Balance  Sheet  or  Profit &  Loss  Statement; OR
      • If  no  2019  Schedule  C  is  available,  provide  2018  Schedule  C  (Form  1040) and  most recent Annual  and  Quarterly  Balance  Sheet  or  Profit  &  Loss Statement.
    • Partnerships
      • 2019  Return  of  Partnership  Income  (Form  1065AND  most  recent  Annual and  Quarterly  Balance  Sheet  or  Profit  &  Loss  Statement; OR
      • If  no  2019  tax  return  is  available,  provide  2018  tax  return  and  most  recent Annual and  Quarterly  Balance  Sheet  or  Profit  &  Loss  Statement
    • W3  Summary1096  (from  2019)  or  IRS FORM  941  (from  1st quarter  2020 or,  if not completed,  4th  quarter  2019).  Sole  proprietors  may  complete  and attach a 3 certification  stating  that  business  owner  is  the  sole  proprietor  with  no  additional employees  or  subcontracted workers.
    • Statement of cash  flows.
    • Bank statements  for  the  months  beginning  March  1,  2020.
    • Payroll reports  for  prior  year and  quarterly  reports  for current  year.
    • For  Low/Moderate  Income  Owners  of  businesses  with less  than  five  employees, your most  recent  personal tax  return.   
  6. Proof  of  quarterly  tax  payments,  if  made  quarterly.

*Based  on  the  information  provided  and  applicable  to  each  business,  the  City  will  determine specific  program eligibility  and  conduct  additional underwriting  as  required  by  HUD  regulations at  24  CFR  570.209(a),  Guidelines  and  Objectives  for  Evaluating  Project  Costs  and  Financial Requirements


Applications  will  be  reviewed by  staff from  the  City  of  Shawnee  Community  Development Department.  Decisions  are  final.   

All applications  must  be  fully  complete  and  required  necessary  information  attached.  Partial or incomplete  applications  will  not  be  reviewed  for  eligibility,  and  will be  rejected.   

Once  applications  are  submitted they  are  considered public  record,  and subject  to  Kansas Sunshine  Law  Records.

Applicants  will be  notified  via email of  their  application  and  award  status  no  later  than  September 14,  2020  at  5:00pm  CDT. The application  deadline is  August 23, 2020 by 5:00 pm CDT. 

If  funds remain  after the  initial  award cycle,  the  City  will open  additional  grant  cycles  until  all  of  the  funds  have  been  obligated.   

The City  of  Shawnee reserves  the  right  to  ask  for  further  information  under  these  Policies  in  order to  approve  applications  and/or  process  payments,  including  but  not limited  to,  paystubs, cancelled  checks,  receipts,  or  copies  of  bank  statements.     The  City  reserves  right  to  amend  policies  and  procedures.   The  City  cannot foresee  all  contingencies  and therefore  reserves  the  right to  make  exceptions  to these  Policies  and  Procedures.     

Conflict  of  Interest  (24  CFR  Part  570,  Subpart  K,  570.611)

  1. Interest  of  Certain  Federal Officials.   No  member  of or  Delegate  to  the  Congress  of  the United  States,  and  no  Resident  Commissioner,  shall be  admitted  to  any  share  or  part  of  this program  or to  any  benefit  to  arise  from the  same. 
  2. Interest of Officers,  Employees  or  Agents  of CITY,  Members  of Local  Governing  Body,  or other Public  Officials.   No  officer,  employee  or agent  of  the  CITY,  or  its  designee,  no  officer, employee  or  agent  of  the CITY  who  exercises  any  functions  or  responsibilities  with respect  to the  Program during  his  or her  tenure  or for one  year thereafter,  shall  have  any  interest,  direct or  indirect,  in  any  contract or  subcontract,  or  the  proceeds  thereof,  for  work  to  be  performed in connection with  the  Project assisted  under  this  Program.   The  CITY  shall  incorporate,  or cause to  be  incorporated,  in all  such contracts  or  subcontracts  a  provision prohibiting  such  interest pursuant  to  the  purposes  of  this  section.
  3. Prohibition Against  Payments  of  Bonus  or Commission.   The  Assistance  provided  under this  Agreement  shall  not  be  used  in  the  payment  of any  bonus  or  commission  for  the  purpose of obtaining  HUD approval  of  the  application  for  such Assistance,  or  HUD  approval  of applications  for  additional Assistance,  or  any  approval or  concurrence  of  HUD  required  under this  Agreement,  Title  I  of  the  Housing  and Community  Development  Act  of 1974,  as  amended, or  HUD regulations  with  respect  thereto;  provided,  however,  that reasonable  fees  or  bonafide technical,  consultant,  managerial  or other services,  other  than  actual  solicitation,  are  not hereby  prohibited  if  otherwise  eligible  as  program  costs