City of Shawnee

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

A permit is required to install all swimming pools and hot tubs which are twenty-four (24”) inches or more in depth.

The following information should be submitted with all permit applications:

  1. Provide plot plan to scale, showing location of existing buildings and proposed location of pool and setbacks from property lines and house, and also type and location of barriers enclosing the pool or hot tub.
  2. A completed and signed Residential Permit Application (pdf) form.
  3. Please read and sign in the presence of a notary, the compliance form “Barriers for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs” (pdf).
  4. Provide manufacturer’s specifications, drawings, and installation instructions. Only UL listed and approved materials will be approved for use. Indicate provisions for filling and draining the pool.
  5. In-Ground pools: A Low Impact Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) (pdf) is required. The permit application form must be completed and signed. An Erosion Control Plan must also be submitted to the City showing the erosion control measures taken to ensure the soil will not be leaving the construction site. The construction entrance must be identified on these plans. The fee for the Low Impact Land Disturbance Permit is $75.00.

The permit applicant should show compliance with the following requirements:

  • Pool and hot tubs shall be located in the rear yard and must maintain a minimum of 10 feet from all property lines.
  • Pools and hot tubs must be enclosed as required by Shawnee Municipal Code Chapter 15.06, International Residential Code, Appendix G (pdf). Except as amended the by AG105.2 item#1 amending the enclosure height from 48 inches to 60 inches. A barrier must be installed before the pool is filled.
  • A self contained spa or hot tub equipped with a safety cover compliant with ASTM F 1346 is exempt from the barrier requirements.
  • At least one electrical 120V plug, GFCI protected must be provided between 10' and 20' from the pool or hot tub. Clearances from overhead wires must comply with the attached Figure 680.8 (pdf) from the 2011 National Electric Code.
  • A City inspection on the electrical bonding and also a final inspection are required on all pools.

Pool and hot tub construction is governed by the 2012 International Residential Code, ANSI/NSPI-5 (In-ground) and ANSI/NSPI-4 (above ground and on-ground) as listed in Section AG108 and the 2011 National Electric Code.

Permit fees are $20.00 for all private pools and hot tubs, and $30.00 for public or semi-private pools.

Remember, any time you plan to excavate or dig on your property you should contact the free service of Kansas One Call – just dial 811!