City of Shawnee

Decks: Building Permit Guidelines

A building permit is required by the City of Shawnee to construct any deck which will be more than 30" above the adjoining ground level at any point. A building permit is required to construct any solid roof over a deck.

All decks must meet the setback (minimum distance from property line) requirements, as prescribed by the zoning ordinance please review Table of General Bulk Regulations (pdf). When a property is located on a corner lot, there are specific rules that may apply, please call Building Codes Division at (913) 742-6010 to discuss.

The following information is required for a Deck Permit Application:

  1. Submit a completed Residential Permit Application (pdf), signed by the applicant.
  2. Two accurate, scaled plot plans, showing all structures on the property, (existing and proposed), and the distance from the deck to all property lines and structures. A deck can encroach 6’ into the required rear yard.
  3. Two foundation and framing plans, showing how the deck will be built i.e. the size and location of all footings, vertical post size, support beams, and detailed information on the joists (joists direction and what inch on center the deck is to be built). State the type of lumber being used to build the deck i.e treated or decay resistant. If deck is being attached to any cantilevers, the deck needs to be self supporting in this area. One stamped copy of the foundation and framing plans will be returned to you.
  4. A ten (10) foot vertical clearance must be maintained from any deck floor or built in seating surface to the overhead wires that are within three (3) feet horizontally from the deck.
  5. A City business license is required for any contractor doing work in the City of Shawnee.
  6. Check or cash for payment of the building permit, collected at the time the permit is issued. Building Permit Fee Schedule (pdf).

The 2018 International Residential Codes are the adopted construction codes applicable to building decks on a single family residence. Additional information about code requirements for deck building can be found in the Residential Deck Permit and Construction Guidelines (pdf) and also the Residential Stair Code (pdf).

Remember, any time you plan to excavate or dig on your property you should contact the free service of Kansas One Call – just dial 8-1-1.

Permit Application Guidelines for Decks (pdf)