City of Shawnee

Basement Finish Building Permit Application Guidelines

  1. Submit a completed Residential Permit Application (pdf) including applicant signature.
  2. Submit two (2) sets of floor plans, showing the areas of your basement to be remodeled and those areas which will remain unchanged. Plans must show relevant features, such as doors, windows, walls, stairs, and the use of each room. Any structural changes should be shown in detail. Please show the location of the furnace, hot water heater, and any provisions for providing combustion air to space. Removal of any interior wall greater than 6’ must have Kansas Engineered sealed plans.
  3. A business license is required for any contractor doing work in the City of Shawnee. In addition, any contractor must have a valid Class A, B, or C Johnson County Contractors License call (913) 715-2233.
  4. A Building Permit Fee Schedule (pdf) based on the project valuation is required when the permit is issued. Checks should be made payable to the “City of Shawnee.” The fee is due when the permit is issued.

The 2012 International Residential Codes are the adopted construction codes applicable to basement remodeling in single family residences. Additional information about code requirements is available in our Basement Finish and Remodel Code Guidelines (pdf).

Upgrading Smoke Detectors

Adding a roofed addition on to your home, finishing your basement, or doing most other work that requires a building permit, triggers a requirement to upgrade the smoke detectors throughout your home to new dwelling standards. This special requirement is in the building code because of the importance of smoke detectors and the lives that they save every year. Smoke detectors in new dwellings are required to be provided in each sleeping area, outside of each sleeping area, and on each story of the dwelling.

Smoke detectors are required to receive their primary power from the house wiring and be provided with battery backup. The smoke detectors must be interconnected so that the activation of one detector will activate all of the other smoke detectors. An exception to this requirement allows battery operated smoke detectors to be added where finish materials have not been removed in areas requiring the upgrade, and there is no attic space, basement, or other access that would allow the detectors to be hard wired and tied together.