Have a Block Party

With the hectic lifestyles most of us lead, it is much harder to get to know our neighbors than it used to be. For generations, block parties have served as a way for neighbors to meet each other.

If you would like to hold a Block Party, here are the steps to follow:

  • Have all the residents of streets that will be affected by the closing sign the Block Party Request Form indicating that they agree with the street being closed.
  • Barricades must be furnished by the residents and must be equipped with flashers if used after dusk. The barricades should be placed at each entrance to the area. These must be of a type that can be easily moved, should it become necessary for emergency vehicles to enter the area.
  • Return the request to the Shawnee Police Department no later than two weeks before the block party date.
  • If you would like an appearance from the Shawnee Fire Department, contact (913) 631-1080. Pending availability, a fire truck will be dispatched to your block. Children are given the opportunity to get inside the fire truck and learn about the tools and equipment stocked on the truck.

A letter will be sent to the requesting party confirming approval of the event.