Fairfield Inn and Comfort Inn Hotels

Project Description:

The property, which is located at the northeast corner of Midland Drive and Renner Road, presently contains the Shawnee Park Christian church. The church and related improvements will be removed to allow construction of a 40,830 square foot Fairfield Inn with 78 rooms, and a 40,620 square foot Comfort Inn with 65 rooms. A 12,450 square foot multi-tenant retail building is also planned for construction in the first phase.

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Project Contact:
Doug Allmon, (913) 742-6222

Project Status:

Status Details:

The rezoning request was approved by the Governing Body at the December 22, 2014 meeting. At the January 26, 2015 City Council Meeting a resolution was approved to issue private activity revenue bonds for this project.

The church has now been removed from the property to make room for the new hotels. The final plat has now been recorded and building permits have been issued. The exterior of the Comfort Inn Hotel is nearing completion, and exterior walls of the Fairfield Inn are under construction.



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