CityWide Electric Building

Project Description:

The project will involve construction of a 7,658 square foot building on the southeast corner of 59th Street and Barton. The property contains 0.26 acres of land. The applicant intends to relocate his electrical contractor’s office from an existing building located at 5925 Barton into this proposed structure. Because the new building is located in the downtown pedestrian zone, the applicant has worked with City staff to create a plan that fronts the building near the right-of-way lines for Barton and 59th Street. This design also allows on-street parallel parking spaces to be constructed as part of the street improvements required for the project.

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Project Contact:
Doug Allmon, (913) 742-6222

Project Status:

Status Details:

The project received site plan approval from the Planning Commission on October 5, 2015. The building permit has been issued and exterior wallsl for the building have now been completed.



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October 5, 2016: