Wendy's On Renner

Project Description:

The applicant received approval at the February 6, 2017 Planning Commission meeting to update the facade of the existing building. The fašade change is intended to promote the newer corporate building design, similar to the recently reconstructed restaurant on Shawnee Mission Parkway. Existing brick on the structure will not be altered by the remodel.

In order to modernize the look of the building, the existing copper accents will be removed and replaced with louvered architectural metal panels in a dark bronze (brown) color. To provide additional accent color and variation in the roofline, a smooth architectural metal “blade” in the traditional Wendy’s corporate red will be installed at the southwest corner of the building.

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Project Contact:
Doug Allmon, (913) 742-6222

Project Status:

Status Details:

The applicant has currently submitted for building permit with construction anticpated in early Spring 2017.