Deffenbaugh Odor Study
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Deffenbaugh Odor Study

Deffenbaugh Industries, a subsidiary of Waste Management has a Special Use Permit to operate a landfill in the City.

In June 2016, the City Council voted to table consideration of the Special Use Permit for the landfill so that an odor study could be completed.

The Council approved extending the Special Use Permit for one year on September 26, 2016.

Since that time an Odor Study Team including City staff, Johnson County Landfill (Waste Management ) representatives, Johnson County Health and Environment staff and Blackstone Environmental have been working to eliminate off-site odor reports surround the Johnson County Landfill.

You may review the study results and related information below:

Odor Study Update to the Governing Body from City Manager Gonzales - April 2017
Blackstone Enviromental Odor Study - Phase I
Staff Memo Related to Special Use Permit for Johnson County Landfill