Sustainable Initiatives
Sustainable Initiatives

    The City of Shawnee is committed to environmental sensitivity and the pursuit of sustainability. Below are some of the major ongoing projects undertaken by the City in this area.

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        In 2008, the City’s Police Department moved into a state of the art LEED Certified building. Some of the features include energy efficient lighting, water conservation and the use of reclaimed materials.

        In 2010, the Police Department initiated steps towards paperless storage. The department currently scans in all papers and has eliminated the creation of manila folders with individually printed labels which used colored ink cartridges for the four colored tabs on the folders. This saved the unnecessary accumulation of the folders as well as the labels.

        In 2011, the department made our accident reports available online to the public for direct purchase. In 2013 the department began taking online reports that are non-emergency where there are no known suspects. Both of these save paper and ink for the department and it also saves fuel and pollution from reduced trips the public had to make to the station.

        In 2015, began utilizing e-tickets which cuts down on the amount of paper products related to ticketing.
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