Sustainable Initiatives
Sustainable Initiatives

    The City of Shawnee is committed to environmental sensitivity and the pursuit of sustainability. Below are some of the major ongoing projects undertaken by the City in this area.

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        Information Technology Strategies continue to focus on reducing energy consumption, recycling or product disposal, and reducing carbon footprint and employee engagement. Specific initiatives currently underway include:

        Data Center - Server Virtualization:
        Computer servers consume vast amounts of energy. They are required to run non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They require additional cooling systems and related equipment to keep them functioning properly. A virtual server is simply software that has been coded with the ability to host multiple servers within the same physical server. By reducing the number of physical servers the City’s requirements of a localized server room is drastically reduced with decreased power consumption and heat output.

        Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI):
        IT components contribute significantly to the environmental impact of most organizations with IT equipment consuming over 2% of the electricity in the US and that figure is growing each year. Desktop computing makes an especially large contribution to energy use, e-waste, and other areas of environmental impact. Converting a portion of our desktop PCs to use a virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, can be highly effective at reducing our environmental impact to our community.

        Citizen Relationship Management (CRM):
        Sustaining our city assets through our Asset Management module (Phase I) is a key piece of our CRM initiative. It provides valuable information regarding the selection, design and acquisition, operations, maintenance and renewal and/or disposal of our physical infrastructure and equipment. We are able to proactively schedule routine maintenance of our City Assets, as well as allow citizens to submit information related to potential issues with our various City infrastructure assets. Logging and maintaining this type of information provides an immediate synopsis of an assets continued longevity.

        Our 2014/15 goals are: Obtain funding for phase I; Complete CRM RFQ; Begin acquisition. Roll out of phase I is planned for 2014.

        City Fiber Master Plan:
        Develop a broadband fiber ring to sustain the City of Shawnee’s growing demands on broadband services.
        • Public safety and homeland security
        • Emergency and mission critical applications
        • Connect current and future city offices and public facilities.
        • Surveillance cameras for security and traffic monitoring
        • Parks and public spaces
        • Controlling traffic signals to improve traffic flow and save energy
        • Operation green light
        • KC Scout (metropolitan traffic real-time maps)
        • Interagency connectivity – Johnson County facilities
        • Local Emergency Operations Plan and emergency preparedness
        • Geographic Information System (GIS) Data
        • Clean and green technology
        • School safety and video access

        Alternative Storage Methods:
        Storage drives are another main component of data center hardware and, as companies’ storage needs increase; more energy is used to power these hard drives. This can be remedied by using large capacity drives and performing audits to eliminate redundancies in the system.

        Print Suppression, Document Imaging and use of network printers:
        It is wasteful in today’s society to print many documents when we have e-mail, electronic signatures, and the ability to create PDF documents. This saves time, energy and money by reducing the use of printers and paper.

        Computer Equipment Usage Practices:
        This includes using energy saving settings and encouraging employees to turn off equipment at the end of the work day and on weekends.

        Proper Disposal and Recycling:
        The IT Department encourages reuse of equipment that the City no longer utilizes through City Auctions. Some items that cannot be sold or auctioned are taken to an authorized electronic disposal processor.
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