Sustainable Initiatives
Sustainable Initiatives

    The City of Shawnee is committed to environmental sensitivity and the pursuit of sustainability. Below are some of the major ongoing projects undertaken by the City in this area.

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        "Complete Street" design, mobility choices, and sustainable design have become a priority of Shawnee in the last few years. To foster this effort, Shawnee Mission Parkway was one of six area corridors chosen in 2012 to be studied as part of the Mid America Regional Council's Creating Sustainable Places initiative.

        Part of this effort included a visioning exercise with area residents and stakeholders aimed at finding ways to improve transportation options, economic development and the overall appearance of this important corridor. Through keypad questions and online surveys, interested parties were polled to determine what was most desired as the area redevelops over time. The findings from these polls included a desire for enhanced transit options, a greater diversity of land use mixes to include more office and residential development, and future development with greater residential density.

        Based on these visioning results, the City will receive a final report with recommendations for implementing the desired vision.

        The City chose to expand on the work that came out of Creating Sustainable Places and wrote a grant application for the Planning Sustainable Places initiative, also sponsored by the Mid America Regional. Along with our grant partner (Johnson County Transit), Shawnee was awarded $120,000 in Surface Transportation Program funds to study redevelopment options for the Nieman corridor. The entitled project, "Community Connections - Nieman Road" is intended to:
          • Continue public engagement and interest generated by CSP project
          • Review transit needs and opportunities through the corridor with linkages to Shawnee Mission Parkway
          • Review existing and projected traffic through the corridor with analysis of potential lane reconfigurations
          • Assess access control, right-of-way, and space planning analysis to determine possible capacity for pedestrian, bicycle, and streetscape improvements
          • Develop design guideline principles for building orientation, redevelopment, pedestrian / transit amenities, and other “complete street” design elements
          • Determine long-term implementation strategies to accomplish the desired redevelopment pattern
        The Planning Department researched and developed the City’s Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS) Ordinance. This Ordinance sets out guidelines for those that wish to install a wind turbine. The City Council adopted the Ordinance in early 2010.
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