Sustainable Initiatives
Sustainable Initiatives

    The City of Shawnee is committed to environmental sensitivity and the pursuit of sustainability. Below are some of the major ongoing projects undertaken by the City in this area.

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        In addition to adhering to the City-wide policies for sustainability, the Public Works Department recycles materials whenever possible.

        The Public Works Department represents the City of Shawnee as a member of Operation Green Light, a regional effort to synchronize the traffic signals along major corridors throughout the metropolitan area. This effort helps traffic flow, reduces overall delays, and reduces the emissions of idling vehicles. Additionally, the traffic signal and pedestrian indicators throughout the City have all been changed to LED lights. New streetlight installations are also now specified to utilize LED lighting technologies.

        The Public Works Department strives to improve air quality. To do this the Department installed a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station that has allowed the Department to operate 3 CNG vehicles. Additionally, the Department is retrofitting some of the old diesel engine vehicles to improve air quality. Public Works suspends mowing activity when there are Red Ozone days and has decreased mowing the right-of-ways by 40% over the last three years.

        To reduce pollution and protect water resources, Public Works ensures clean water run-off at development sites throughout our community through their Land Disturbance Permit procedures and has created a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for each of the City’s facilities. The street sweeping program reduces trace pollutants from reaching our streams.

        The City has partnered with Johnson County Stormwater to provide grant funding for Shawnee residents that wish to purchase rain barrels or install a stormwater treatment facility, like a rain garden!

        The Codes Administrative Division enforces the 2012 IECC energy codes adopted by Council.

        The Public Works Department has retrofitted lighting for City facilities as well as piloted LED and induction lighting street lights around the City. These projects are paid for through Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant money.
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