Shawnee Development Center
Shawnee Development Center

Shawnee Development Center (SDC) is an informational tool for business and new development projects within the City of Shawnee. SDC provides individuals interested in developing property with clear, easy to understand information to guide them through the development process from beginning to end.

For additional information about the tools below or about starting a business in Shawnee, we encourage you to contact Dave Holtwick, the City's Business Liaison, at 913-742-6214.

Tree Logo ImageRoad Maps
Create a customized, step-by-step process for residential or commercial buildings and/or development projects based on your specific objectives.

Create a Road Map - Just answer a few short questions to create your road map.

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Explore the Development Process
Are you curious to see what's involved to build a new home, or create a larger development project?

View an Outline of the Development Process

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Fee Estimator
Fee Estimator is tool to help estimate fees that may be required for development projects within the City of Shawnee. These are estimates only and may change. After answering a series of questions, the system will generate the fee estimate that you request.

Launch the Fee Estimator

Please note that information provided through the SDC is not a substitute for the Shawnee Municipal Code (SMC),the Shawnee Manual of Technical Specifications and Design Criteria (Shawnee Design Manual) or other regulations and policies adopted by the City of Shawnee or other applicable State and Federal laws.