Resources for Energy Efficiency
Resources for Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency and Conservation not only help save our natural resources, but also help us save money! Below are some different programs or websites that can help you save!


Johnson County Weatherization Program
This program assists low-income families with weatherizing their homes for energy efficiency. Qualifications and more information are available at the County’s website.

These local utility providers post information regarding energy efficiency tips, energy cost savings, and efficiency calculators:
Consumer Information

Beyond the Bulb
Beyond the Bulb is Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC) regional “hub” for energy efficiency investments, conservation and savings. This site provides valuable information for home owners and business owners wanting to conserve energy and save money and contractors wanting to do energy upgrade work.

Energy Star
Check out the different ways to save energy and money through energy star programs and products.

Department of Energy
The Department of Energy (DOE) has put out a book that contains helpful tips for reducing energy consumption. The DOE website also provides other helpful information.

Here are just few fast facts when thinking about energy efficiency:
  • According to Energy Star, 20% of an annual household's energy bill is spent on lighting.
  • According to the DOE, you can reduce 50% to 75% of your energy use for lighting by installing energy efficient lighting technologies.
  • According to the DOE, 90% of energy used in washing clothes comes from heating the water. To reduce energy consumption, use less water and cooler water.