Open Records Request
    Open Records Request

    Most records maintained by the City are open for inspection and/or copying by individuals under the Kansas Open Records Law. Commonly requested records include: ordinances, resolutions, minutes from open meetings, salaries of public officials, and budgets. For easy access, the City makes records such as agendas and minutes available through this website.

    Request A Record
    Records not available on the City's web site may be available for copying or viewing by contacting the City Clerk at (913) 742-6014. The City Clerk serves as the City’s Freedom of Information Officer.

    An Open Records Request Form (pdf) may be required depending upon the information requested. Please be as specific as possible when making the request. The more specific a request is the easier it is for City staff to respond. Most requests are processed within 3 business days. Completed requests can be E-Mailed to the City Clerk.

    Although every attempt will be made to provide information requested, it is not always possible. There are a number of reasons why a request may be denied.

    • The specific record requested does not exist;
    • The request was unclear and should be resubmitted with more detail;
    • The record requested is closed to protect an important privacy interest;
    • The requestor intends to use the record or information for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any property or service in violation of K.S.A. 45-230.

    Written notification will be provided if there is a delay or if the request cannot be fulfilled.

    The City charges a fee for to cover the cost of staff time required to make requested information available and for the cost of copying or reproducing records. Generally, the charge is $0.25 per page. Meeting minutes and agendas are available at no charge. A detailed list of open records fees can be found in the City's Open Records Policy, Policy Statement No. 15.

    Open Records Requests

    Request DateRequestorStatusDescriptionHours
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    12/29/2014Eric OligschlaegerFulfilled Original house plans for 5322 Clare Road0.10
    12/24/2014Rob MaucereFulfilled Valencia Hills Apartments, 6527 Reeder Street, Please provide copies... (click date for more)0.25
    12/22/2014Mark BreuerFulfilled Storm sewer plan sheets for Hills of Forest Creek Second Plat0.10
    12/22/2014Mary HillWithdrawn Information regarding the city's litigation costs for the last 3-4... (click date for more)4.25
    12/22/2014Dawn FloydFulfilled Valencia Hills Apartments, 6527 Reeder St.: I need to obtain a... (click date for more)0.50
    12/22/2014Maddy StubblefieldFulfilled 6260 Barker Road: We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site... (click date for more)0.25
    12/19/2014Dave SchaecherFulfilled Code violations for the following buildings/property: Widmer Shoppes:... (click date for more)0.25
    12/19/2014Maddy StubblefieldFulfilled 6260 Barker Road: We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site... (click date for more)0.10
    12/19/2014Robert H. SlaterFulfilled 0.25
    12/18/2014Shane Property Pro'sWithdrawn Code violations by address, Name of owner, date, type etc. for 2014... (click date for more)
    12/12/2014Paul WorcesterWithdrawn Valencia/Sedona Apartments: All reasonable past and open city... (click date for more)
    12/09/2014Michael QuaasWithdrawn 5901 Greenwood Street: Plot plans, property line, north side of... (click date for more)
    12/05/2014Nicole LaMondaFulfilled Copies of approved variances, conditional use permits, special... (click date for more)0.10
    12/05/2014Nicole LaMondaFulfilled Certificates of occupancy, copies of open/outstanding zoning,... (click date for more)0.25
    12/05/2014Susan WeatherfordFulfilled Unresolved fire code violations and/or complaints at Carlyle... (click date for more)0.10
    12/04/2014Holley AutryFulfilled 7530 Cody Street:
    * Building Plans
    * Original Certificate(s) of... (click date for more)
    12/04/2014John W. Berthold, EMG Corp.Fulfilled Property Address: 8515 Hedge Lane Terrace
    City, State, Zip: Shawnee,... (click date for more)
    12/03/2014Tony LauerWithdrawn Please provide copies of settlement offers, final agreement, and... (click date for more)2.00
    12/03/2014Nicole MillimanFulfilled 6824 Lackman Road: Documents related to any current or past above... (click date for more)0.10
    12/01/2014Nicole MillimanFulfilled 6920 Lackman: Documentation related to fill material (soil and rock)... (click date for more)
    11/26/2014Constance ShidlerFulfilled Information related to codes enforcement at 14002 W 73rd St0.75
    11/25/2014John RubensteinFulfilled Structural Plans for "Old Navy and BBB" at Shawnee Station Shopping... (click date for more)0.00
    11/25/2014Patrick ReaveyFulfilled Minutes for the meeting where Resolution No. 36 was passed
    11/21/2014Don LysaughtFulfilled See Attached (Sewers & TIF)18.75
    11/21/2014John W. Berthold, EMG Corp.Fulfilled 8515 Hedge Lane Terrace
    Please provide us with the following... (click date for more)
    11/20/2014Richard C. MargekurthFulfilled Rezoning SW Corner of SMP and Maurer file
    11/20/2014Patrick ReaveyFulfilled 1) Any idea when the handwritten notations were placed on the... (click date for more)
    11/20/2014Tony LauerFulfilled Rezoning SW Corner of SMP and Maurer file0.25
    11/20/2014Jennifer PrenticeFulfilled EMG is an environmental consulting firm conducting an investigation... (click date for more)0.08
    11/20/2014Darlyn BellFulfilled PDF files for site and landscaping plans for Nieman Elementary, 10917... (click date for more)0.08
    11/20/2014Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Emails sent by the city manager to the governing body that mentions... (click date for more)
    11/19/2014Alan GodsyFulfilled List of all the names and addresses of everyone that
    received this... (click date for more)
    11/18/2014Maddy StubblefieldFulfilled 13000 Johnson Drive
    Any environmental records regarding permits or... (click date for more)
    11/17/2014John W. Berthold, EMG Corp.Fulfilled For 8515 Hedge Lane Terrace:
    1) How far back are records maintained... (click date for more)
    11/13/2014Marci WoodsFulfilled 20200 Johnson Drive in Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas

    Any... (click date for more)
    11/13/2014Denise FerroFulfilled Floor plans for former Beauty Warehouse, a 4,000 sf space at Shawnee... (click date for more)0.10
    11/13/2014Don LysaughtFulfilled Recently Chris Magerkurth made a request for records under the Open... (click date for more)0.00
    11/12/2014Patrick ReaveyFulfilled 1) Most recent ord which predates 1975, establishing speed limit on... (click date for more)0.45
    11/12/2014Don LysaughtFulfilled Site plans, drawings, development proposal, and related documents for... (click date for more)0.00
    11/11/2014Don LysaughtFulfilled Copy of the “schedule” that was brought up last night (11/10/14 city... (click date for more)
    11/11/2014John W. Berthold, EMG Corp.Fulfilled EMG is an engineering firm currently conducting a property condition... (click date for more)0.10
    11/11/2014Trisha Ray, Draco InternationalFulfilled Shawnee Heartland Senior Assisted Living, 16207 Midland Drive

    I... (click date for more)
    11/06/2014Bailey McWhorterFulfilled Certificate of Occupancy and evidence of zoning compliance (zoning... (click date for more)0.10
    11/05/2014Heartland MailingWithdrawn For mail machines, postage meters, paper folders, folder/inserters... (click date for more)
    10/31/2014SmartProcureWithdrawn Purchase Order Number (or equiv.), Purchase Order Date, Line Item... (click date for more)0.25
    10/22/2014Richard C. MargekurthFulfilled For the City Council, City Manager, and the Planning and Zoning... (click date for more)0.25
    10/16/2014Kyle Slussler, Kustom ConceptsFulfilled Building plans for 6940 Martindale and 6932 Martindale0.00
    10/14/2014Harland T. RussellFulfilled Grading and drainage plans for the 3&2 Ball Club north of the Westmor... (click date for more)0.60
    10/10/2014Roger VeileFulfilled Wendy’s, 11450 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Shawnee0.25
    10/09/2014Susan RibaudoFulfilled Zoning Verification Letter addressing 12010 SMPKY

    1. What is... (click date for more)
    10/06/2014Roth EnvironmentalFulfilled copies of records pertaining to any reported environmental problems... (click date for more)0.60
    10/02/2014Curt WhitlockFulfilled Building Plans and plot plan for the home located at 5503 Chouteau... (click date for more)
    09/30/2014Ami GarrisonFulfilled Any information about who built our home, architect, builder,... (click date for more)
    09/29/2014GuideWire Consulting, LLCFulfilled I am performing an environmental assessment at property located at... (click date for more)0.25
    09/25/2014Michael KnightFulfilled All construction plans attached to the address of project located at... (click date for more)
    09/23/2014Taylor StricklandWithdrawn Building permits at 11311 Shawnee Mission Pkwy0.50
    09/23/2014David SieckFulfilled AEI Consultants is in the process of performing a Property Condition... (click date for more)
    09/19/2014Melissa BakerWithdrawn Plot Plan for 20807 W 61st St
    09/11/2014John RoosFulfilled Code that allows new water heaters to not be elevated the previously... (click date for more)
    09/11/2014Caroline BondFulfilled Copy of ordinance or approval of SUP-04-01-06 - SUP Renewal - AT&T... (click date for more)
    09/10/2014Rosetta TaylorFulfilled Zoning Verification Letter for 22210 W 66th Street
    09/08/2014Grant Petrie, UES Consulting Services, Inc.Fulfilled Request for Hazmat/UST Information:
    24200 West 43rd Street,... (click date for more)
    09/03/2014Olga FrantsevaWithdrawn Blue prints of 22609 W 76th Ter
    08/29/2014IVI Assessment Services, Inc.Fulfilled See attached request (Planning)
    08/29/2014IVI Assessment Services, Inc.Fulfilled See attached request (Fire)0.25
    08/29/2014IVI Assessment Services, Inc.Fulfilled See attached request (Codes)
    08/29/2014Jeff Koch, Professional Finders, Inc.Withdrawn 1) Stale-dated/Un-Cashed Checks Information
    (2) Cash... (click date for more)
    08/29/2014Roger HuntFulfilled Site Plan, Floor Plans, Mechanical Plans for 12480 W 62nd Terrace
    08/26/2014AJ SoodFulfilled Copies of pg. 57-60 of the July Monthly Report
    08/25/2014Heather DawsonFulfilled Approval documents, approved site plan, ordinance approviong the... (click date for more)
    08/15/2014Wendy ParkFulfilled All available structural plans for 14555 Midland Dr
    08/14/2014Roger BackuesFulfilled Latest improvement right of way plans for Shawnee Mission Parkway... (click date for more)
    08/14/2014Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.Fulfilled My company is conducting an assessment on 7441 Neiman Road, Shawnee,... (click date for more)
    08/13/2014Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.Fulfilled My company is conducting an assessment on 7441 Neiman Road, Shawnee,... (click date for more)
    08/13/2014Kent BilquistFulfilled Cert. of Occupancy or Final Insp for: Shawnee Safety Storage 24200 W... (click date for more)
    08/11/2014ProGEA, Inc.Fulfilled Fuel or chemical storage activities, hazardous material responses,... (click date for more)
    08/11/2014Mary BeemanFulfilled Cobblestone Court narrative statement
    08/08/2014John W. Berthold, EMG Corp.Fulfilled Please provide us with the following information concerning the... (click date for more)
    08/08/2014Tony LauerFulfilled Could I have digital copies of the following records(s) for the... (click date for more)
    08/06/2014Husch BlackwellFulfilled Zoning compliance letter that sets forth the following
    1. The zonong... (click date for more)
    07/18/2014Zachary Fela, National Land ServicesFulfilled Zoning verification for 17955 Holliday Drive and copies of... (click date for more)0.25
    07/17/2014Bradley WalkerFulfilled All available info/plans for 22017 W 57th Terrace
    07/17/2014SmartProcureFulfilled Purchase Order Number (or equiv.), Purchase Order Date, Line Item... (click date for more)0.25
    07/14/2014Stephanie GuthrieFulfilled Has there been any hazardous material response actions on site? Also... (click date for more)
    07/14/2014Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Copies of all emails between City Manager Gonzales and Michael (Mike)... (click date for more)0.42
    07/11/2014Treece SullivanFulfilled Inspect any and all records pertaining to the building located at... (click date for more)
    07/11/2014Paul McAnanyFulfilled Payouts, check #, dates and amounts for the 2011 Mill and Overlay... (click date for more)
    07/09/2014Pam Downs, Epiq Systems, Inc.Fulfilled Please accept this email as a request for the City of Shawnee’s... (click date for more)0.10
    07/08/2014Nikki MeierFulfilled The Development Agreement, or any/all agreements related to the 10... (click date for more)0.50
    06/30/2014Casey CarleyFulfilled Plans, permits and inspection information for when home was built... (click date for more)0.30
    06/30/2014Ray ErlichmanFulfilled At the 6/17/14 council committee meeting, Councilmember Vaught stated... (click date for more)
    06/27/2014Mirta KelleyFulfilled Copy of house plans for 21208 W 51st Ter
    06/27/2014Nataki A. Eggleston-Simmons, State Farm Insurance CompaniesFulfilled Copy of the Fire/Windstorm Lien Ordinance
    06/27/2014Timothy OlsonFulfilled Certified disposition record four our client T12235216
    06/25/2014Ray ErlichmanFulfilled With regards to the excise tax abatements that builders/contractors... (click date for more)
    06/18/2014Dan MahlmeisterFulfilled Pertaining to 4922 Constance St. Shawnee KS 66216. Could I get... (click date for more)
    06/16/2014Andrew StegnerWithdrawn Building plans for 20917 W 68th Street0.58
    06/13/2014Doug AtchleyFulfilled Landscape Plans for Reaghan Place0.10
    06/03/2014Robert H. SlaterFulfilled Roth Environmental Consultants, Inc. is requesting information or... (click date for more)
    05/28/2014Andrew ClaytonFulfilled I am conducting a financing assessment of the Safety Storage facility... (click date for more)0.15
    05/21/2014Ray ErlichmanFulfilled For the period beginning April 9, 2014 and ending (and including)... (click date for more)0.16
    05/20/2014Eric KraftWithdrawn All inspection reports involving landscaping or exterior features of... (click date for more)0.00
    05/19/2014Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.Withdrawn Partner Engineering and Science is currently performing a Phase I... (click date for more)
    05/19/2014Tiffany JordanFulfilled Copies of any open/active Building and or Zoning Violations,... (click date for more)0.10
    05/08/2014Justin HeigeleFulfilled Plot plan for residnece at 4439 Meadow View Drive0.10
    05/07/2014Ray ErlichmanFulfilled 1. What was the total cost of the CPBB program?
    2. Are there any... (click date for more)
    04/30/2014Edward BernicaFulfilled Floor plan of the house (12708 W 76th Terrace) with as much detail... (click date for more)0.10
    04/30/2014Luci MayerFulfilled 6608, 6610, 6614, 6616 Barth Road, Shawnee, KS floor plans, blue... (click date for more)
    04/25/2014Jeffrey A. BullinsFulfilled Please make available to the above listed person the following... (click date for more)0.15
    04/25/2014Stephanie GutherieFulfilled For property located at 22210 W. 66th and 22370 W. 66th Street, were... (click date for more)0.15
    04/25/2014Jason BarbichFulfilled [Floor plans for] 10923 Shawnee Mission Parkway [pages] M1 & M20.15
    04/24/2014Scott HamblemFulfilled A full set of permit plans for 7801 Nieman Road.
    04/21/2014Casey RawsonFulfilled Any open/unresolved zoning and building violations, final approved... (click date for more)0.75
    04/21/2014Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Regarding recent (March 2014) NLC trip to D.C. Can I please get total... (click date for more)0.08
    04/17/2014Kris PowellFulfilled Bulding files for 4728 Black Swan Drive, Shawnee, KS 662160.50
    04/15/2014Michael MongomeryFulfilled 1 copy of plans submitted by builder for 5521 Roundtree Street0.10
    04/10/2014Patrick CassityFulfilled Drainage Capital Improvement Plans for Forest Trace and The Sylvan0.10
    04/08/2014Brendalyn BlakeFulfilled All open records for the property 5166 Roundtree, and Brendalyn... (click date for more)0.50
    04/04/2014Mark HugginsFulfilled Approved plans for streets, storm sewer and detention for Greens at... (click date for more)0.45
    04/02/2014Kevin TubbesingFulfilled Forest Trace, 49th Street @ Summit, engineering info0.45
    03/21/2014Carly BootheFulfilled Police report and arrest inventory0.10
    03/20/2014UES Consulting Services, Inc.Fulfilled Site:  Westglen Shopping Center
    Main address:  16605 Midland... (click date for more)
    03/17/2014Eric ByrdFulfilled Stormwater collection plans for Westbrooke Village Shopping Center... (click date for more)0.15
    03/17/2014Tyler LyonFulfilled SUP-01-14-02. Please note I am only asking for applicants engineer... (click date for more)0.15
    03/11/2014Jeffrey A. BullinsFulfilled Copies of documents related to the Jose Peppers located at 16605... (click date for more)0.15
    03/06/2014Brian E. Pawloski, TerraconFulfilled We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at Olson... (click date for more)0.15
    03/05/2014Samantha KeeranFulfilled Mr. Powell,
    We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment... (click date for more)
    03/05/2014Samantha KeeranWithdrawn Mr. Powell,
    We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment... (click date for more)
    02/21/2014Patrick Parkes, Kansas Policy InstituteFulfilled City of Shawnee Payroll Information for all persons receiving... (click date for more)1.00
    02/21/2014Susan SchefflerFulfilled House plans for 13204 W 53rd Terrace
    02/14/2014Evan FlettFulfilled Building plans for residential house at 13104 W 65th Street
    02/11/2014Dawn Floyd, UES Consulting Services, Inc.Fulfilled
    For 7801 Nieman -

    Open Permits / Violations: Need a description of... (click date for more)
    02/04/2014Steve Vockrodt Withdrawn Pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Act, I am requesting access to... (click date for more)
    01/28/2014UES Consulting Services, Inc.Fulfilled Fire Department records related to 8150 McCoy Street0.10
    01/28/2014UES Consulting Services, Inc.Fulfilled Fire Department Records for QP32600000 0004A0.10
    01/28/2014Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Please consider this a signed KORA request.
    Please provide the... (click date for more)
    01/13/2014Tony LauerFulfilled Cisco Equipment Purchase, Item Detail, Quotations Solicited, and... (click date for more)0.10
    01/13/2014Curtco, Inc.Fulfilled Memos from City Council meetings pertaining to the Crack Seal Program... (click date for more)0.10
    01/03/2014Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Regarding the KORA request submitted earlier today.  The agenda... (click date for more)0.15

    *Requests are considered outstanding if they are being processed by the City, the requesting party has been notified of the costs and has not agreed to or submitted payment, or the City is waiting on confirmation that the record will not be used for commercial purposes in compliance with K.S.A. 45-220(c).

    **Requests are considered withdrawn/not fulfilled when the requesting party voluntarily withdraws their request, declines to cover the City's costs associated with the request as per KSA 45 219(c)(1), the record(s) requested do not exist, or for other statutory reasons.

    Open Records Exceptions
    There are some records that contain information which is private in nature and because of this the documents are excluded from disclosure requirements under the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-221). Some of the records exempted by the law include personnel information of City employees; medical treatment records; records which are protected by the attorney-client privilege or the rules of evidence; records containing personal information compiled for census purposes; and criminal investigation records.