Open Records Request
    Open Records Request

    Most records maintained by the City are open for inspection and/or copying by individuals under the Kansas Open Records Law. Commonly requested records include: ordinances, resolutions, minutes from open meetings, salaries of public officials, and budgets. For easy access, the City makes records such as agendas and minutes available through this website.

    Request A Record
    Records not available on the City's web site may be available for copying or viewing by contacting the City Clerk at (913) 742-6014. The City Clerk serves as the City’s Freedom of Information Officer.

    An Open Records Request Form (pdf) may be required depending upon the information requested. Please be as specific as possible when making the request. The more specific a request is the easier it is for City staff to respond. Most requests are processed within 3 business days. Completed requests can be E-Mailed to the City Clerk.

    Although every attempt will be made to provide information requested, it is not always possible. There are a number of reasons why a request may be denied.

    • The specific record requested does not exist;
    • The request was unclear and should be resubmitted with more detail;
    • The record requested is closed to protect an important privacy interest;
    • The requestor intends to use the record or information for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any property or service in violation of K.S.A. 45-230.

    Written notification will be provided if there is a delay or if the request cannot be fulfilled.

    The City charges a fee for to cover the cost of staff time required to make requested information available and for the cost of copying or reproducing records. Generally, the charge is $0.25 per page. Meeting minutes and agendas are available at no charge. A detailed list of open records fees can be found in the City's Open Records Policy, Policy Statement No. 15.

    Open Records Requests

    Request DateRequestorStatusDescriptionHours
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    12/22/2015Dawn FloydFulfilled Site: Haverford West
    11309 W. 75th St., Shawnee KS

    - Zoning... (click date for more)
    12/17/2015Maya KravtsovaFulfilled Open Records Request for Haverford West Apartments (main address... (click date for more)0.75
    12/17/2015Zach PasheaFulfilled Copy of permit from remodeling job located at 11409 W. 72nd Terrace... (click date for more)1.50
    12/10/2015Richard StifterFulfilled Building, electrical or plumbing permits issued to 6018 Theden Street0.00
    12/01/2015Marc Winkler/Patricia WinklerFulfilled SIte plan for Roche's Texaco, 55th and K7, Shawnee, KS0.00
    12/01/2015Michael LawrenceFulfilled Plot plan for 5714 Constance0.00
    12/01/2015Clark GrisellFulfilled We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on is .91... (click date for more)
    11/25/2015LeeAnn PattersonFulfilled Revised prelim plan for Herrington Park0.00
    11/24/2015Matt RhodesFulfilled Preliminary Plan for Ridgestone Meadows West0.00
    11/17/2015Brent W BellerFulfilled Copy of protest petitions regarding Vantage
    11/13/2015Antwonette HillFulfilled Open/active Zoning, Building & Fire Code Violations, Certificates of... (click date for more)
    11/09/2015Rachel AndrewsFulfilled For 10630 West 79th Street (QF241223-4046), any records of any... (click date for more)
    11/09/2015Alan WilloughbyFulfilled Copies of Planning Commission Minutes
    11/05/2015Kevin GreenWithdrawn list of all active vendor contracts
    11/05/2015Jordan TaylorFulfilled Property lines for 6627 Hauser Drive
    10/30/2015Darrin BlackmoreFulfilled Preliminary Plat of Meadow of Chapel Creek
    10/27/2015Don FuquaFulfilled Ordinance regarding the Hotel Transient Guest Tax imposed by the City... (click date for more)
    10/19/2015Clark GrisellFulfilled Environmental records regarding permits or inspections (current and... (click date for more)
    10/09/2015Samantha KeeranFulfilled We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on the... (click date for more)
    10/01/2015Roger BackuesFulfilled ROW plan sheets from the latest improvemetns of SMPKY from Flint... (click date for more)
    09/30/2015Uel WhitsettFulfilled For 6416 Long: A letter from the City, stating the Facility is,... (click date for more)
    09/29/2015Scott SandersFulfilled Copies of any site plans or related documents related to speed bumps... (click date for more)
    09/24/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Copies or results/analysis of personality tests for governing body... (click date for more)
    09/22/2015Brian PoeFulfilled Floor plans for 14715 W 60th Street
    09/21/2015David ClauserFulfilled 6702 Barth Road: Building permits and certificate of occupancy
    09/18/2015Sean CihacekFulfilled Winning bid proposal for Canon ImageRunner Advance 8285 and IRA C... (click date for more)
    09/17/2015Jeremy StephensFulfilled Vendor propasals received by the City and the Shawnee Fire Department... (click date for more)1.50
    09/17/2015Robert ProsserFulfilled 4945 Alden Street: Building permits for the last 5 years
    09/15/2015Teresa WillnauerFulfilled 22543 W 72nd Terrace
    Foundation plan and preconstruction plot plan
    09/11/2015Samantha KeeranFulfilled 12109 Shawnee Mission Parkway - permits for underground storage... (click date for more)
    09/08/2015CeLena CloughFulfilled 11114 W. 60th Street
    *  certificates of occupancy (current and... (click date for more)
    09/08/2015Michael HoldrenFulfilled Home plans for 21613 W. 60th Street
    09/08/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled 1.  A copy of the finalized list of questions used in the survey
    2. ... (click date for more)
    09/03/2015Dale BerryFulfilled Heather Glen 1st Plat0.00
    08/31/2015Gary HardwickFulfilled Cambridge Park/Storm Drainage Plan/Sheet 1 of 1 (located in DevSev)
    08/27/2015Brad NielsenFulfilled Contract the City entered into with AT&T0.00
    08/25/2015Logan SmithFulfilled QP45640000 0029
    Certificates of Occupancies, the original building... (click date for more)
    08/21/2015Dawn FloydFulfilled For 7420-7430 Switzer Rd:

    Zoning Variances: If any.

    Open Permits /... (click date for more)
    08/18/2015Janet AnnanFulfilled For 5501 Hedge Lane Terrace:
    Certificates of Occupancy
    Building and... (click date for more)
    07/30/2015Bob GarrettFulfilled 11101 Johnson Drive - copies of bldg permits0.00
    07/28/2015Lucille MayerWithdrawn Landscaping plans for 6608, 6610, 6614, 6616 Barth Road (Inspect Only)
    07/22/2015Bryan TaylorFulfilled Plot plan with measurements for 5057 Monrovia
    07/22/2015Shannon BusterFulfilled Storm Sewer Plans and drainage study for Estates of Timber Springs... (click date for more)1.75
    07/21/2015Tiffany JordanFulfilled Copies of any variances, open zoning and building code violations,... (click date for more)0.00
    07/20/2015Jinnfer MarriottFulfilled Addresses of permits issued to Designmark Homes in the City of... (click date for more)0.00
    07/14/2015Jeff SkidmoreFulfilled Retaining wall plans and calculations approved for permitting at... (click date for more)
    07/06/2015Marci WoodsFulfilled Any environmental records regarding solid and hazardous waste... (click date for more)
    07/06/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Reimburseable expenses for Councilmember Sandifer for 2012-2014
    07/06/2015Kevin StraubWithdrawn Date of Bldg Permit and occupancy permit on 7010 Hedge Lane Terrace... (click date for more)
    07/02/2015Marci WoodsFulfilled Vantage at Shawnee Apartments site located at West 62nd Street and... (click date for more)
    07/01/2015John F. CameronFulfilled Preliminary plat filed on the property located at 7420, 7444 and 7500... (click date for more)0.00
    07/01/2015Ruth McGuinnFulfilled Any and all phoned complaints regarding 5009 Summitt0.00
    06/30/2015Shelley ParkerWithdrawn A listing all City of Shawnee employee's first and last names, e-mail... (click date for more)1.00
    06/26/2015Jolynn KelleyFulfilled Bulding permits, specifically garage conversion to living space, at... (click date for more)
    06/25/2015Eric MontagueFulfilled Copy of house plans for 5940 McCoy Street
    06/22/2015Kris KuckelmanFulfilled Records relating to building permits and inspections for houses being... (click date for more)0.00
    06/18/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled # FTE in Dev Sev and Public Works0.00
    06/10/2015Matt Pennington c/o 12 Church Street AssociatesFulfilled any building drawings of our Hobby Lobby property
    06/08/2015Jennifer KarrWithdrawn Site Plan for QP51400000 0006
    06/04/2015Robert H. SlaterFulfilled copies of records pertaining to any reported environmental problems... (click date for more)
    05/29/2015Jon SteffensFulfilled Original Deck Permit / Inspection Documents for Existing Deck for... (click date for more)
    05/28/2015Michael L. FrizzellFulfilled Any and all documentation/forms regarding the police department's... (click date for more)1.00
    05/22/2015Sean EndecottFulfilled Plot Plan for 24707 W 77th Street0.10
    05/22/2015Erin VarnerFulfilled Plot Plan with TOPO, Foundatin Plan, Rear Elevation plan for 23606 W... (click date for more)0.10
    05/18/2015Anthony JengaFulfilled 7500 McCoy - Plot Plan0.10
    05/18/2015Steve FolsomFulfilled Plot Plan for 23911 W 68th Street0.10
    05/15/2015Pam IngleFulfilled Survey of 79th & Switzer (Brookhollow North)0.10
    05/11/2015Tim TaugherFulfilled Applebee's at 11500 Shawnee Mission Parkway: Any environmental... (click date for more)0.75
    05/11/2015William E. RiceFulfilled All available documents filled with City for Planning and Permitting... (click date for more)
    05/11/2015Melvin CauthenFulfilled 6416 Long Street
    1) Fire Department Inspection Records – Last 3... (click date for more)
    05/04/2015Dilip PatelFulfilled Copy of public improvement plans for the NW corner of Midland and... (click date for more)0.25
    05/04/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Copies of the filing documents for Frank Neal & Frank Imgrund
    05/01/2015Yvonne LeeFulfilled Open zoning/building code violations, certificates of occupancy,... (click date for more)1.00
    04/28/2015Ben TerrillFulfilled Cover letters, declaration of intent, resumes and statement of... (click date for more)
    04/27/2015Linda GerberWithdrawn Grading plans for Mills Woods0.75
    04/27/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Copies of the filing documents for Douglas Hill
    04/24/2015Ron RatkeyFulfilled Complete set of architect prints for construction of bld located at... (click date for more)1.00
    04/22/2015Randy JonesFulfilled All building, construction, and blue prints for my residence. 22107 W... (click date for more)
    04/17/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Copies of all documents filed by Mr Kenig for the Ward iv seat
    04/16/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Copies of all documents filed by Ward IV applicant Christine... (click date for more)
    04/15/2015David FosterFulfilled This is for any Building permits or Fire inspection since 1969 for... (click date for more)
    04/13/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled 1.  The name of each individual appointed to the Street Improvement... (click date for more)0.10
    04/10/2015Dennis L. SmithFulfilled Drainage Box at 11300 Shawnee Mission Parkway2.25
    04/10/2015Paul R. SchalekampFulfilled Plans, agenda, minutes submitted for the construction of Shawnee... (click date for more)0.05
    04/07/2015Mark ParsonsFulfilled House plans for 4876 Black Swan Drive
    03/26/2015Richard FrankFulfilled Demolition permit paperwork for 5450 Lackman Road0.10
    03/24/2015Kevin HuffmanFulfilled Service request for 10425 W 64th Street0.10
    03/19/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Redline copy of PS-7 from the 2-14-11 City Council Meeting0.02
    03/19/2015Kevin HillhouseWithdrawn Plans for detatched garage at 25310 W 71ST ST
    03/17/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Any correspondence from City Manager to Governing Body reporting... (click date for more)0.05
    03/11/2015Alexander Almaraz (D and A Construction)Fulfilled My permit numbers and location that the work was done and the type of... (click date for more)0.05
    03/10/2015Patrick ReaveyFulfilled Inspect various ordinances (see attached list)1.20
    03/09/2015Autumn CarterFulfilled SHAWNEE Budgets -FY2008,FY2009,FY2010,FY2011,FY2012
    SHAWNEE Annual... (click date for more)
    03/02/2015Lisa JonesFulfilled Plot plan of 4848 Alden Road0.10
    02/25/2015Jeremy DurnanFulfilled Building or fire code violation on 7122 King Street, Shawnee KS 662030.25
    02/25/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Names of the individuals (elected and staff) who will be attending... (click date for more)0.05
    02/23/2015Jim FerriWithdrawn Glass Specs (from building plans) to match building at 6333 Long... (click date for more)
    02/20/2015JBH Properties, LLC (J.B. Hodgdon)Fulfilled Paragon (23725 and 23803 W 83rd Ter) Building Plans and Permits from... (click date for more)0.50
    02/19/2015Lori BarngroverFulfilled City Map0.10
    02/18/2015Sandra FreyFulfilled Approved site plan for Shawnee Heartland0.75
    02/18/2015Robert H. SlaterWithdrawn copies of records pertaining to any reported environmental problems... (click date for more)0.30
    02/13/2015Amy McKinleyFulfilled Bueprints for Hampton Woods1.00
    02/13/2015David SieckFulfilled 6335 Mauer Road: Current or outstanding building or fire code... (click date for more)0.10
    02/12/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Most current copy - candidate's statement of substantial interest for... (click date for more)0.10
    02/10/2015Ben TerrillFulfilled All amendments to "Statement of Substantial Interests for Local... (click date for more)0.10
    02/10/2015Clark GrisellFulfilled For 6115 Nieman Road: Environmental records regarding solid and... (click date for more)0.25
    02/05/2015Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Audio CD for the Council Committee meeting held on 2/3/15
    02/03/2015Susan WeatherfordFulfilled Courtyard by Marriott 17250 Midland Drive. Request for copy of any... (click date for more)0.50
    02/03/2015David A. RinneFulfilled Street and storm plans for Lackman Road between Johnson Drive and... (click date for more)0.50
    02/03/2015Stephanie GuthrieFulfilled 17250 Midland Drive Courtyard Shawnee. I was wondering if you could... (click date for more)0.25
    02/02/2015Tremayre WilsonFulfilled Site plan for 6335 Maurer Road0.50
    01/30/2015Colleen DriverFulfilled Code modification requests or exemptions granted to Bayer’s facility... (click date for more)1.25
    01/30/2015David JoinerWithdrawn Architectural plans for 26000 W 69th Terrace Lot 8 Deer Ridge Estates... (click date for more)
    01/30/2015Patrick Parkes, Kansas Policy InstituteFulfilled For Calendar Year 2014: City of Shawnee Payroll  Information for all... (click date for more)1.00
    01/29/2015Tremayre WilsonFulfilled 6335 Maurer Road: Pending or open building code violations; pending... (click date for more)0.25
    01/28/2015Heath FreemanFulfilled Current contract for City Manager, Carol Gonzales
    01/26/2015Linda LozanoFulfilled Knowledge of Underground or Aboveground Storage Tanks for 6590 Vista... (click date for more)0.25
    01/26/2015Lisa GarciaWithdrawn 5322 Clare Road - copy of permits for additions
    01/26/2015Heather TurnerFulfilled A right of way ordinance complaint regarding a basketball goal at... (click date for more)0.10
    01/26/2015Ben TerrillFulfilled Statement of Substantial Interests for Local Office filings for the... (click date for more)0.10
    01/23/2015Randall GottfriedFulfilled House pland and buildng permit file for 14700 W 68th Street0.10
    01/23/2015David HauberFulfilled I would like to see the agreement between ATT and the city regarding... (click date for more)0.05
    01/22/2015Nate BakerWithdrawn Information regarding names/email addresses of city employees
    01/21/2015Maddy StubblefieldFulfilled 12800 Shawnee Mission Parkway, We are conducting a Phase I... (click date for more)0.25
    01/21/2015Nicole MillimanFulfilled Plans for 6590 Vista Drive0.00
    01/16/2015David F. WestlakeFulfilled We respectfully request the following information regarding business... (click date for more)
    01/14/2015Lee NoroņaFulfilled 6850 and 6815 Hilltop Rd, Shawnee, KS. Any records with regards to-... (click date for more)0.10
    01/08/2015Cathy HarmesFulfilled City Manager’s Contract
    01/07/2015Lynn HannFulfilled Zoning info for 12830 and 12836 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS0.25
    01/07/2015Tina L. PalcherFulfilled Current list of tow companies, along with their contact information... (click date for more)0.10
    01/05/2015Patrick ReaveyWithdrawn Any Ordinances or Resolutions adopted after Ordinance 165 which... (click date for more)3.75
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    *Requests are considered outstanding if they are being processed by the City, the requesting party has been notified of the costs and has not agreed to or submitted payment, or the City is waiting on confirmation that the record will not be used for commercial purposes in compliance with K.S.A. 45-220(c).

    **Requests are considered withdrawn/not fulfilled when the requesting party voluntarily withdraws their request, declines to cover the City's costs associated with the request as per KSA 45 219(c)(1), the record(s) requested do not exist, or for other statutory reasons.

    Open Records Exceptions
    There are some records that contain information which is private in nature and because of this the documents are excluded from disclosure requirements under the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-221). Some of the records exempted by the law include personnel information of City employees; medical treatment records; records which are protected by the attorney-client privilege or the rules of evidence; records containing personal information compiled for census purposes; and criminal investigation records.