Open Records Request
    Open Records Request

    Most records maintained by the City are open for inspection and/or copying by individuals under the Kansas Open Records Law. Commonly requested records include: ordinances, resolutions, minutes from open meetings, salaries of public officials, and budgets. For easy access, the City makes records such as agendas and minutes available through this website.

    Request A Record
    Records not available on the City's web site may be available for copying or viewing by contacting the City Clerk at (913) 742-6014. The City Clerk serves as the City’s Freedom of Information Officer.

    An Open Records Request Form (pdf) may be required depending upon the information requested. Please be as specific as possible when making the request. The more specific a request is the easier it is for City staff to respond. Most requests are processed within 3 business days. Completed requests can be E-Mailed to the City Clerk.

    Although every attempt will be made to provide information requested, it is not always possible. There are a number of reasons why a request may be denied.

    • The specific record requested does not exist;
    • The request was unclear and should be resubmitted with more detail;
    • The record requested is closed to protect an important privacy interest;
    • The requestor intends to use the record or information for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any property or service in violation of K.S.A. 45-230.

    Written notification will be provided if there is a delay or if the request cannot be fulfilled.

    The City charges a fee for to cover the cost of staff time required to make requested information available and for the cost of copying or reproducing records. Generally, the charge is $0.25 per page. Meeting minutes and agendas are available at no charge. A detailed list of open records fees can be found in the City's Open Records Policy, Policy Statement No. 15.

    Open Records Requests

    Request DateRequestorStatusDescriptionHours
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    12/22/2016Dawn FloydFulfilled For: Westbrooke Village, 7311-7399 Quivira Rd.
    7311-7399... (click date for more)
    12/20/2016Christopher KnollFulfilled Blue Prints for 21806 W. 51st Street
    12/19/2016Dawn FloydFulfilled For 7420-7430 Switzer Rd:

    -Emergency Responses / Hazmat Calls: Need... (click date for more)
    12/16/2016Daniel CherryFulfilled Blue prints for 6655 Charles Street
    12/13/2016Paul FancherFulfilled Survey for 14113 W 73rd St0.00
    12/12/2016Erin SteffenFulfilled Movie theater structural plans
    12/12/2016Myers ShaiyenFulfilled GIS layers for Police/Fire District and Neighborhoods
    12/12/2016Tom WolfeFulfilled Houseplans for 14610 West 49th Street 0.00
    12/09/2016Casey JohnsonFulfilled House plans for 6817 Deer Ridge Drive0.00
    12/08/2016Thanomjit LeeprommaWithdrawn Lush Nails Spa plans 22227 W 66th Street0.00
    12/07/2016Paul McAnanyFulfilled 2009 Mill/Overlay and Curb Program and copy of the 2011 Mill/Overlay... (click date for more)1.50
    12/07/2016SmartProcureFulfilled The specific information requested from your record keeping system... (click date for more)0.00
    12/05/2016Robert MuelbachFulfilled Plot plan for 21710 W 60th St.0.00
    12/01/2016Sean DonohueFulfilled UlitPro Contract and RFP0.00
    11/29/2016Jeremy JacobsFulfilled The number ofapplications for“small cells” that were submitted in... (click date for more)0.00
    11/28/2016Stacy Johnson CosbyFulfilled Planning Files
    11/22/2016Orion DollarFulfilled Dataset 1: Total Crime Incidents
    Location (longitude/latitude, x/y... (click date for more)
    11/14/2016Lenny MullinFulfilled Mill Creek Apartments prelim develoment plan and architectural... (click date for more)
    11/14/2016Michelle HannaFulfilled Land Survey/Property Lines 11116 W 71 Terr
    11/10/2016Lisa ParksFulfilled 2004/2005 SES Odor Control Study referenced on Page 2 of the... (click date for more)0.00
    10/31/2016Jan HoltzWithdrawn Westbrooke Village Shopping Center South
    7405-7471Quivira... (click date for more)
    10/31/2016Jan HoltzWithdrawn Westbrooke Village Shopping Center North
    7311-7399 Quivira... (click date for more)
    10/26/2016Amanda HaysFulfilled Information related to 6416 Long
    10/24/2016Samantha KeeranFulfilled Any information you may have regarding fire responses, HAZMAT... (click date for more)
    10/24/2016Ross PrestiaFulfilled Building plans/blue prints for 21015 W 60th Ter
    10/24/2016Sandra KenneyFulfilled Blueprints for 6417 Gladstone
    10/19/2016Ashley MeggisionFulfilled Full set of construction documents and survey on file for 5315 Noland... (click date for more)
    10/19/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Copies
    1) of the contents of current insurance coverage(s) contracts... (click date for more)
    10/18/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Total costs and expenditures to date in Qrivit v. City of Shawnee0.00
    10/17/2016Andrew GustinFulfilled Records the zoning department has regarding current and/or historical... (click date for more)
    10/17/2016Andrew GustinFulfilled Records the Shawnee Fire Department has on file regarding... (click date for more)
    10/13/2016Alicia SawyerFulfilled Zoning Verification Letter for Shawnee Mission Ford
    10/06/2016Luis OlivasFulfilled Plans for addition at 10824 W 57th Terrace0.00
    10/05/2016Chad ColganFulfilled Documents related to SUP404030.50
    10/04/2016Chad ColganFulfilled SUP-4-04-03, Governing Body and Planning Commission Action Letters... (click date for more)0.00
    09/21/2016Janae SchwietermanFulfilled Houseplans for 6724 Clairborne Rd
    09/20/2016Sean RayFulfilled Construction drawings for the Clear Creek trail crosswalk and safety... (click date for more)0.00
    09/19/2016Alexandra SherryFulfilled 2011 Monthly reports
    09/13/2016Jeanette VaccaroFulfilled House plans for 6940 Widmer and dimensions of pool
    09/01/2016SmartProcureFulfilled Any and all purchasing records from 2014-07-17 to current:
    1.... (click date for more)
    08/31/2016Chris SmrekerFulfilled House plans for 22613 W 49th Terrace
    08/29/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Copy of any:
    1) Document or message (electronic or otherwise) which... (click date for more)
    08/29/2016Sandra KenneyWithdrawn House plans and plot plan for 4947 Constance Street
    08/26/2016Ben HowellFulfilled Miscellaneous planning/zoning info for 7159-7198 Renner Road.0.50
    08/26/2016Jessica DubinFulfilled House plans for 5951 Garnett St
    08/23/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Copy of any RECORDS (electronic or otherwise) which would identify:... (click date for more)
    08/22/2016James GilleoWithdrawn House plans for 22910 W 48th Street
    08/18/2016Eric ByrdFulfilled Storm study for Prairie Lakes Apartments at 6701 Lackman Road
    08/18/2016Tonya VoigtFulfilled Project plans for new culverton 75th Street just west of K-7 (plan,... (click date for more)
    08/17/2016Dawn FloydFulfilled (FD) For: Midland Shops at 7154-7198 Renner Road:
    -Emergency... (click date for more)
    08/17/2016Dawn FloydFulfilled (BD) For: Midland Shops at 7154-7198 Renner Road:
    - Open Permits /... (click date for more)
    08/15/2016Debb RangerFulfilled Copy of City's certificate of insurance0.00
    08/15/2016Vito C. BarbieriFulfilled Entire file with plans for Texaco Lube Center SP 15-01-13, Planning... (click date for more)0.25
    08/11/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Documents which identifies the average response time for any and all... (click date for more)
    08/10/2016Marc GoeringFulfilled Fire Department Emergency Responses for the following addresses:... (click date for more)0.50
    08/09/2016Harbor Freight ToolsFulfilled Building permit and final site plan forCentra Care facility being... (click date for more)
    08/04/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Reference is made to Ordinance 2986 which established the amounts... (click date for more)
    08/03/2016Shane ParrishFulfilled Request for file information and fire inspection records related to... (click date for more)0.50
    08/01/2016Robin MooreFulfilled Plot Plan/Variance for 4975 Noland Road0.00
    07/29/2016Erin SteffenWithdrawn Utility Survey, Legal property description and a site plan for the... (click date for more)
    07/25/2016Erica Jobe, Dickerson Oxton Law FirmFulfilled Copies of any building permits and/or applications for building... (click date for more)0.45
    07/22/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Certified copies of any records which are concerning, or refer to,... (click date for more)1.83
    07/14/2016William MobleyFulfilled Omega concrete shop drawaing for the Westglen Theaters from 19940.00
    07/13/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Copy of email and response that was referened by Councilmember... (click date for more)0.00
    07/11/2016Al FaltermeierWithdrawn Phase 1 Saddle Brooke - area behind 14623 W 50th St showing catch... (click date for more)
    07/11/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Copies of any annual report or memoranda which shows an 'average... (click date for more)0.50
    07/07/2016Russ EhnenFulfilled Site, Architectural, Engineering Drawings for 11219, 11221 and 11225... (click date for more)
    07/07/2016John BeckerFulfilled Infiltration Basin Design Drawings for Industrial buildings on 43rd... (click date for more)
    07/07/2016Michele LoganFulfilled Plot Map for 6780 Rene Street
    07/05/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Copies of any ordinances which enacted or adopted any edition fo the... (click date for more)
    07/05/2016Matthew ParkerFulfilled Copies of traffic impact studies that were referenced in the planning... (click date for more)0.00
    07/05/2016Jeremy SimonFulfilled Site plan for 21714 W 52nd terrace
    06/29/2016Kristen ChapinWithdrawn All permit files for 11216 and 11218 Johnson Drive
    06/27/2016Jaci ClarkFulfilled House plansn for 5504 Roundtree Street
    06/27/2016Jody ThatchFulfilled Copy of the Performance Bond, Certificate of Insurance, and Power of... (click date for more)0.00
    06/23/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Annualized salary for Ass't City Mgr scheduled to start 6/27/160.00
    06/23/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Total legal fees spent to date in Qrivit vs. COS0.00
    06/23/2016Yvette Korb-DeffenbaughFulfilled Any and all odor complaints submitted or otherwise communicated to... (click date for more)0.00
    06/22/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Certified copy of Ordinance 2693 and a certified copy of the minutes... (click date for more)0.00
    06/21/2016Harold HalseyFulfilled Site Plans
    06/21/2016Matt KesslerFulfilled Plot plan for 12706 W 49th Terrace
    06/16/2016Erin SteffenFulfilled Westglen Theater permit set main building 1994 and addition 1997
    06/16/2016Megan WalterFulfilled Storm report and drainage plans for Shawnee Crossing
    06/14/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Certified copy of all ordinances which were enacted or amended prior... (click date for more)1.00
    06/14/2016Jodi SeidlFulfilled Planholder list for Nieman South project
    06/14/2016Katherine SteinbacherWithdrawn Storm water collection and conveyance structures in front of and... (click date for more)
    06/14/2016Kevin LewisFulfilled Building Codes and Fire Inspections records related to Midland Court... (click date for more)0.00
    06/14/2016Tarah Jones-BriscoFulfilled Copies of approved site plan, approved variances, special exemptions,... (click date for more)1.00
    06/13/2016Aaron GartonFulfilled Building permit files for 20510 W 67th St.
    06/07/2016Shouging Zhu (Suzy)Fulfilled Vent hood system for cooking equipment for 12220 Shawnee Mission... (click date for more)
    06/06/2016Eric ClarkFulfilled Certified copies of the minutes from the 7/25/05 and 8/11/08 City... (click date for more)
    05/25/2016Debbie Salinas - Kansas Gas ServiceWithdrawn Certificate of Insurance
    05/25/2016Allen UtterbackFulfilled Plans for 15319 W 67 St
    05/25/2016Audra Harrison - Maxcium Construction LLCFulfilled Residential Building permits issued and verification of subcontractor... (click date for more)
    05/25/2016Jill Gage - Rodrock HomesFulfilled 22605 W 56 St, Shawnee KS 66226 - Blueprints for Home.
    05/23/2016James ChallisFulfilled Greens of Chapel Creek Townhomes - Stormwater Drainage Plans,... (click date for more)
    05/23/2016Audra Harrison - Maxcium Construction LLCFulfilled Verification of subcontractor work for Maxcium Construction LLC from... (click date for more)
    05/23/2016Audra Harrison - Maxcium Construction LLCFulfilled Building residential permits with Maxcium Construction LLC issued... (click date for more)
    05/20/2016Todd and Nancee HenkeFulfilled Complaints for 5214 Rene from August 1, 2015 to May 20, 2016
    05/18/2016Kay McCarthyFulfilled Building permits and inspection records for 11450 Shawnee Mission... (click date for more)
    05/17/2016Orin SweeneyFulfilled Street, Storm, Retention Pond, Greens of Chapel Creek Townhomes
    05/13/2016Matt HuguninFulfilled Any records from 2000 remodel of 5729 Nieman Road
    05/12/2016Robert H. SlaterFulfilled Records pertaining to any reported environmental problems of a... (click date for more)
    05/11/2016Leroy ScharschellFulfilled CSR's for 11408 - 11612 W. 56th Street
    05/11/2016Hannah TempletonFulfilled Building permits for Designmark Homes since 11/1/15 to 5/11/16.
    05/10/2016Tim BurfeindWithdrawn Plans of the existing 30” and 48” storm sewers on the Monticello... (click date for more)
    05/09/2016Orin SweeneyWithdrawn Full set of plans for 6608, 6610, 6614 and 6616 Barth Road.
    05/09/2016Tyler JacobsFulfilled Environmental records related to 7703 Meadow View Drive and 7775... (click date for more)
    05/05/2016Morgan KuchynkaFulfilled Environmental records related to 7703 Meadow View Drive
    05/04/2016Paul EngelFulfilled SMPKY & Barker Rd: Storm Improvement Plans, sheets 1-5
    Parkway... (click date for more)
    05/03/2016Matthew ParkerFulfilled Any and all codes enforcement, complaints, service requests, and... (click date for more)0.00
    05/03/2016Joe HurleyFulfilled Complete Set of Street and Storm PIPs for 47th and Mund Elementary... (click date for more)1.00
    04/27/2016Angela DuganFulfilled Information on the former residential structures... (click date for more)
    04/25/2016Tim TuckerFulfilled Herrington Park 4th, 5th and 6th Plat - Site Plan and Final Plat... (click date for more)
    04/22/2016Andrew BarchakFulfilled EWI has been engaged to conduct a Phase I Environmental Site... (click date for more)0.25
    04/22/2016Tim HaynesWithdrawn Applications for the construction of new communication towers within... (click date for more)0.00
    04/21/2016City of RaymoreFulfilled City Manager's Contract
    04/20/2016Jody ThatchFulfilled Copy of the Performance Bond, Certificate of Insurance, and Power of... (click date for more)
    04/18/2016Rus EhnenFulfilled Reveiw plans for 22730 Midland Drive (J Murphy's and Zig and Macs)
    04/15/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled copy of current contract between the City of Shawnee and the City... (click date for more)
    04/11/2016Justin HansenFulfilled House plans for 21912 W 51st Street
    04/07/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Itemized listing of all legal fees, court costs and any other... (click date for more)
    03/28/2016Jonathan ClarkFulfilled Copy of letter dated 12/05/13 that was addressed to the Prosecutor's... (click date for more)
    03/28/2016Jason EllisFulfilled All court records, code enforcement issues and violations, and police... (click date for more)4.00
    03/28/2016Amanda SimmsFulfilled Legal Plot Plan for 14603 W 49th Street
    03/25/2016Aaron DietrichWithdrawn Code enforcement violation written between 9/1/15 and present day to... (click date for more)16.00
    03/14/2016James DavisFulfilled Records related to 8190 Hedge Lane Terrace
    03/14/2016Mark TeelFulfilled House plans for 7311 Park Street
    03/10/2016David RonsickFulfilled CentraCure site plan at 11225 SMPKY
    03/09/2016Brandon PrestiaFulfilled House plans for 6005 Brownridge Street
    03/07/2016Roth EnvironmentalFulfilled Information or copies of records pertaining to any reported... (click date for more)
    03/04/2016Andrew BarchakFulfilled For 8235 Monticello Terrace and all adjoining properties:
    -copies of... (click date for more)
    03/04/2016Sam MaupinFulfilled All plan review files, project plans, permits, inspection reports,... (click date for more)
    03/04/2016Joe FromholtzFulfilled Engineering plans and Architect name for 14205 W 55th Street
    03/03/2016Jody ThatchFulfilled Copy of the Performance Bond, Certificate of Insurance, and Power of... (click date for more)
    03/02/2016Jerry BichelmeyerFulfilled Copy of contract with LTS Partnership on sale of land and the... (click date for more)
    03/01/2016Tom ZardaFulfilled Tennant Finish Plans for Zig and Mac's at 22730 Midland
    03/01/2016Tom SwansonFulfilled House plans 4925 Charlotte Ct.
    02/23/2016Erik HansenFulfilled Recordsrelated to 23501 W 84th Street
    02/22/2016Mathew CrawfordFulfilled Records related to 10705 SMPKY
    02/22/2016Mathew CrawfordFulfilled Records related to 10729 SMPKY
    02/22/2016Mathew CrawfordFulfilled Records related to 10703 SMPKY
    02/22/2016Mathew CrawfordFulfilled Records related to 10707 SMPKY
    02/22/2016Mathew CrawfordFulfilled Records related to 10709 SMPKY
    02/22/2016Mathew CrawfordFulfilled Records related to 10715 SMPKY
    02/22/2016Mathew CrawfordFulfilled Records related to 10713 SMPKY
    02/22/2016Mathew CrawfordFulfilled Records related to 10723 SMPKY
    02/19/2016Cathy HarmesFulfilled Firefighter Pay Schedules
    02/18/2016Kathering BareissFulfilled Building file for 13616 W 67th St
    02/17/2016Samantha KeeranFulfilled Information the fire department may have for any underground storage... (click date for more)0.00
    02/16/2016Mark WarnerFulfilled House Plans for 7605 Bradshaw
    02/11/2016John MoffittFulfilled Inspection reports for 12706 W 49th Ter
    02/09/2016Paul McAnanyFulfilled I am researching the contracts performed by McAnany Concrete LLC... (click date for more)1.25
    02/09/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled For the most recent mayoral election (2015) please provide me with... (click date for more)
    02/08/2016Matthew CrawfordFulfilled 10710 W 64th St
    02/08/2016Matthew CrawfordFulfilled 10701 SMPKY
    02/08/2016Matthew CrawfordFulfilled 10714 W 64th St
    02/08/2016Matthew CrawfordFulfilled 10815 SMPKY
    02/08/2016Matthew CrawfordFulfilled 10706 W 64th St
    02/08/2016Clark GrisellFulfilled We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on the... (click date for more)
    02/05/2016Clark GrisellFulfilled We are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on the... (click date for more)
    02/03/2016Jeff GarrettFulfilled Plans of 6505 and 6507 Nieman Road
    02/02/2016Chad PorterWithdrawn Storm sewer plans and reports for Shawnee Station
    02/02/2016Curt HollandWithdrawn Copies of any emails, letters, or other forms of communications... (click date for more)57.00
    02/02/2016Johnny B. RayWithdrawn Copy of plot plan for lot 54 Ridgestone Meadows second plat
    02/02/2016Samuel RamirezFulfilled As-built plans along Monticello Road between W 60 St thru W 62nd St -... (click date for more)
    02/02/2016Trent DanselWithdrawn the storm study detailing existing detention ponds serving the... (click date for more)
    02/01/2016Matthew RomanFulfilled Any and all odor complaints, notice of violation and letters of... (click date for more)
    02/01/2016Sally JohnsonFulfilled For Wyndham Place Apartments:
    Any Variances, Special Permits or... (click date for more)
    01/27/2016Allison ElliottFulfilled Inspection records associated with building permit #12-958 address:... (click date for more)
    01/27/2016Tung NguyenFulfilled Copy of the Ultimate Software contract
    01/25/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Copies of the protest petitions filed for the Vantage at Shawnee... (click date for more)0.00
    01/22/2016Any IppelFulfilled House plans for 23600 W 59th Street
    01/22/2016Cherry Park Properties, LLCWithdrawn House Plans for 10808 and 10814 W 49th Street0.50
    01/21/2016Dawn FloydFulfilled Records for Stag's Grove, 12139 SMPKY

    - Open Permits / Violations:... (click date for more)
    01/19/2016Beth Wasko, Kansas Policy InstituteFulfilled For Calendar Year 2015: City of Shawnee Payroll Information for all... (click date for more)1.00
    01/19/2016Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Please provide the name(s) of the owner(s) of the properties that the... (click date for more)
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    *Requests are considered outstanding if they are being processed by the City, the requesting party has been notified of the costs and has not agreed to or submitted payment, or the City is waiting on confirmation that the record will not be used for commercial purposes in compliance with K.S.A. 45-220(c).

    **Requests are considered withdrawn/not fulfilled when the requesting party voluntarily withdraws their request, declines to cover the City's costs associated with the request as per KSA 45 219(c)(1), the record(s) requested do not exist, or for other statutory reasons.

    Open Records Exceptions
    There are some records that contain information which is private in nature and because of this the documents are excluded from disclosure requirements under the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-221). Some of the records exempted by the law include personnel information of City employees; medical treatment records; records which are protected by the attorney-client privilege or the rules of evidence; records containing personal information compiled for census purposes; and criminal investigation records.