Open Records Request
    Open Records Request

    Most records maintained by the City are open for inspection and/or copying by individuals under the Kansas Open Records Law. Commonly requested records include: ordinances, resolutions, minutes from open meetings, salaries of public officials, and budgets. For easy access, the City makes records such as agendas and minutes available through this website.

    Request A Record
    Records not available on the City's web site may be available for copying or viewing by contacting the City Clerk at (913) 742-6014. The City Clerk serves as the City’s Freedom of Information Officer.

    An Open Records Request Form (pdf) may be required depending upon the information requested. Please be as specific as possible when making the request. The more specific a request is the easier it is for City staff to respond. Most requests are processed within 3 business days. Completed requests can be E-Mailed to the City Clerk.

    Although every attempt will be made to provide information requested, it is not always possible. There are a number of reasons why a request may be denied.

    • The specific record requested does not exist;
    • The request was unclear and should be resubmitted with more detail;
    • The record requested is closed to protect an important privacy interest;
    • The requestor intends to use the record or information for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any property or service in violation of K.S.A. 45-230.

    Written notification will be provided if there is a delay or if the request cannot be fulfilled.

    The City charges a fee for to cover the cost of staff time required to make requested information available and for the cost of copying or reproducing records. Generally, the charge is $0.25 per page. Meeting minutes and agendas are available at no charge. A detailed list of open records fees can be found in the City's Open Records Policy, Policy Statement No. 15.

    Open Records Requests

    Request DateRequestorStatusDescriptionHours
    Hide details for 20172017
    11/13/2017Andrew KlosFulfilled Plot Plan for 7330 Long Avenue0.25
    11/13/2017Lance ScottWaiting on Requestor Approval/Payment Dev Sev records1.00
    11/13/2017Laura SantosFulfilled Open permits/codes vios for 6305 Aminda0.25
    11/13/2017Brian Jenkins c/o Tammy BrullIn Process All construction project documents between the City of Shawnee and... (click date for more)
    11/09/2017Traci RaglandFulfilled Environmental Site Assessment at 1.303 acres of vacant land (Parcel... (click date for more)0.25
    11/08/2017Chris BurgerIn Process Various records regarding a permit (nwk-2015-00910)
    11/07/2017Fun ServicesFulfilled Copy of Certificate of Occupancy for Johnson Drive location0.25
    11/06/2017Marci BrockettFulfilled Environmental Records for 15810 W 67th Street0.25
    11/06/2017Stephen KyleFulfilled Zoning info for 6410 Vista0.25
    11/03/2017Jerry LaMartinaFulfilled Signed development agreement between the City of Shawnee and Aztec... (click date for more)0.25
    10/31/2017Rafhael GandolffFulfilled Building/Fire info for 12977 W 63rd Street0.25
    10/31/2017Stefan PetersonFulfilled Annual base salary for the City Manager, and, if applicable, the... (click date for more)0.25
    10/30/2017Brent LamasterFulfilled Building permit for when house (7121 Millbrook Street) was built in... (click date for more)0.25
    10/30/2017Joseph GrindelFulfilled Deck Permit for 21718 W 53rd Terrace0.25
    10/30/2017Steve AlbrinckFulfilled Nieman Road Storm Drainage plan holders0.25
    10/26/2017Trisha RayFulfilled Extra Space Storge
    12977 W. 63rd Street
    Shawnee, KS

    Open Zoning... (click date for more)
    10/26/2017Steve AlbrinckWithdrawn Nieman Road Storm Drainage Plans and Specs0.25
    10/26/2017Emily BrownFulfilled Blue prints for 12029 W 58th Place Unit G0.25
    10/26/2017Manoj DevdasWaiting on Requestor Approval/Payment Competitor Agreements with existing Communications Companies
    10/25/2017Bill TurnerFulfilled House plans for 20909 W. 53rd Street0.25
    10/24/2017Liz RodgersFulfilled Copy of the POC approved site plan and adopting resolution/ordinance... (click date for more)0.25
    10/23/2017Janis WildFulfilled Blue prints for 6402 Cooper St0.25
    10/23/2017Rick BonnstetterFulfilled House plans for 4909 McCoy0.25
    10/23/2017Rick BonnstetterFulfilled Plans for roof over breakfast area at 22419 W. 57th St0.25
    10/18/2017Maria TurveyFulfilled Construction Info for home at 22211 W 59th St.0.25
    10/17/2017Ann AllenWaiting on Requestor Approval/Payment Copy of all records for 12706 W. 49th Terrace that are included in... (click date for more)0.25
    10/13/2017Dylan BrackFulfilled Plot Plan for 7341 Kenton0.25
    10/12/2017Joslyn SmithFulfilled Fire information for 11015 W. 62nd Street0.25
    10/11/2017Susan KeeferWaiting on Requestor Approval/Payment Plot Plan for 27015 W 73rd Street0.25
    10/09/2017Kris PowellFulfilled Information on 4728 Black Swan Drive0.25
    10/05/2017Mike O'ConnellFulfilled Site Development Plan for Westbrooke Green0.25
    10/05/2017Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Copies of any and all emails between City Manager Gonzales and the... (click date for more)3.00
    09/29/2017Haylie DewbreFulfilled Building/Fire/Planning/Zoning Info for Parkway Shopping Center, 11215... (click date for more)0.25
    09/29/2017Michael MinterFulfilled Original files from building house in 1987 at 5926 Hallet Lane0.25
    09/28/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Plans and Specs for the 2017 Bridge Repair Project0.25
    09/28/2017R.A. NystulFulfilled Plans for retaining wall at 7410 Switzer0.25
    09/28/2017William GadwoodFulfilled House plans for 20816 W 68th St0.25
    09/26/2017Cassie PhelpsFulfilled Copy of SP-15-08-030.25
    09/22/2017Christina SanchezFulfilled Open building, zoning and fire vios, zoning verification, site plans... (click date for more)0.25
    09/22/2017SmartProcureFulfilled The specific information requested from your record keeping system... (click date for more)0.25
    09/22/2017Mitch PleakWithdrawn Parking lot expansion dwgs for Fed Ex at 8000 Cole Pkwy
    09/21/2017Daniel HaddadiFulfilled Fire inspection and if there are any outstanding fire code violations... (click date for more)0.25
    09/18/2017Kevin LewisFulfilled Building/Fire Info for Parkway Shopping Center, 11215, 11219, 11221,... (click date for more)0.34
    09/18/2017Ryan StrainFulfilled Blueprints for 20914 W 58th Street0.25
    09/15/2017Joe BeveridgeWithdrawn As-built drawings and bldg permits for 11110 Johnson Drive, also any... (click date for more)0.50
    09/15/2017Dale and Linda MainsFulfilled Inspection report for new addition (deck) from 20050.50
    09/14/2017Ricky HaaseFulfilled Detention agreements, storm reports, etc. pertaining to Westbrooke... (click date for more)1.50
    09/13/2017Cecilia HorejsWithdrawn For Home Depot, 15501 W 67th Street
    Bldg Dept: Building/Demo permits,... (click date for more)
    09/13/2017Shane StewartFulfilled Plot Plan for 10175, 10804 AND 10701 W. 71st Street0.25
    09/07/2017Ray ErlichmanWithdrawn Qrivit Update0.00
    09/06/2017Lyudmyla SavinkovaFulfilled House plans for 13208 W 53rd Ter0.25
    09/05/2017Mike LaddinFulfilled Copy of Application and Plat for ECC0.25
    09/05/2017Kevin LewisFulfilled Building/Fire Code info for 11207 W 60th Street0.25
    09/04/2017Cassie PhelpsFulfilled Cert. of Occ's and zoning approvals/variances for 7804 Meadow View... (click date for more)
    09/01/2017Ed JalbertWithdrawn Location of septic tank for 6912 Church Street0.25
    08/31/2017Ray ErlichmanFulfilled 1.  What is the name of the company/companies that... (click date for more)0.25
    08/31/2017Pat CooperFulfilled Bellmont Promenade Plan0.25
    08/29/2017Kyle BeachFulfilled Permits for 14401 W 58th Street0.25
    08/29/2017Bill RodgersFulfilled Building Plans for 11005-07-09 Johnson Drive0.25
    08/24/2017Roger CampbellFulfilled All information regardin the Greens of Chapel Creek Townhomes0.25
    08/15/2017Tracie RaglandFulfilled Property Info for 1.66 acres of grass-covered land located west of... (click date for more)0.25
    08/14/2017Kevin FridayFulfilled Plot Plan for 7597 Schweiger St.0.25
    08/14/2017Debbie KaufmanFulfilled Estates of Greenview Ridge Plat0.25
    08/14/2017Matt MabeFulfilled Letter from Laura McConwell re: Hillcrest Farms0.25
    08/07/2017Kelly ReyesFulfilled Plot plan for 6013 Ballentine
    08/03/2017Michael and Cari EdwardsFulfilled Plot plan for 5545 Oakview0.25
    08/03/2017John RubensteinWithdrawn View building plans for 15500 Shawnee Mission Parkway0.25
    08/03/2017Becky YadrichFulfilled Permit info and final inspection date for 15515 W 61st Ter0.25
    08/02/2017Dawn KemmererFulfilled Codes/Fire Info for Cottonwood Park Apts.2.35
    08/02/2017Dawn KemmererFulfilled Codes/Fire Info for Cottonwood Park Apts. from 8/17 to 9/260.50
    08/01/2017Scott HarveyFulfilled Interior building plans for 11405 Johnson Drive from 20060.25
    07/28/2017Janelle JonasWithdrawn Plot Plan for 7105 Edgewood0.25
    07/25/2017Ramona WAshburnFulfilled Fire Incident Reports and Hazardous Materials Incident Reports for... (click date for more)0.25
    07/21/2017Tom ZardaWithdrawn Tenant Finish Files for Canterbury Day Care 22736 Midland Drive0.25
    07/20/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Bid results for the Barton Street Project0.25
    07/18/2017Chester Dow TateFulfilled All bldg permits for 7506 Summit0.25
    07/18/2017Matt MabeFulfilled Letter from Laura McConwell re: Hillcrest Farms0.25
    07/17/2017Twila ApplegateFulfilled Sheet 8 of planset for Z-04-17-070.25
    07/17/2017Rob MoritzWithdrawn Plot plan for 7030 Caenen0.25
    07/14/2017Rick InglimaFulfilled Lee's Summit Salary Survey Responses0.25
    07/10/2017Marie RoughtonFulfilled Building Permit for 22111 W 57th Terrace0.25
    07/10/2017Patti TalcunFulfilled Nieman Property Eminent Domain Legals0.25
    07/07/2017Dawn KemmererFulfilled Permit/Vios/Certificate of Occupancy for 11309 W 75th Street0.25
    07/07/2017Patrick AndriesFulfilled Plot Plan for 11922 W 66th Street0.25
    07/07/2017Mandy FlageolleFulfilled QF231212-3013
    Any records of the following.

    1) ASTs or USTs... (click date for more)
    07/06/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled 55th Street Quiet Zone Plans and Specs0.25
    07/06/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Barton Street Plans and Specs0.25
    07/03/2017Bobetter BoettcherFulfilled All blue prints of 12615 W 70th Ter which includes basement, main... (click date for more)0.25
    06/30/2017Nick ReedFulfilled Plot plan for 22409 W 58th St0.25
    06/29/2017Luis OlivasFulfilled Plot plan for 10824 W 57th Ter0.25
    06/26/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Award for 6200 Nieman Project0.25
    06/26/2017University of BostonFulfilled This is a Freedom of Information Act request for the following... (click date for more)0.25
    06/21/2017SmartProcureFulfilled The specific information requested from your record keeping system... (click date for more)0.25
    06/19/2017Mark BoettcherFulfilled Building Plans for 12615 W 70th Ter0.25
    06/19/2017Alisha BurmanFulfilled Codes Inspections for 11317 West 75th Street 0.25
    06/19/2017Chris ErlandsonFulfilled Codes Inspections for 11317 West 75th Street 0.25
    06/16/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Flint Street Plans and Specs0.25
    06/13/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Bid results for Nieman Corridor & Award for 6200 Nieman Street.0.25
    06/08/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Bid results for 73rd and Martindale Project0.25
    06/07/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Bid results for 67 St Traffic Signal Replacement Bid0.25
    06/05/2017Ron NealFulfilled Plot Plan for 18602 Midland Drive0.25
    06/02/2017Patricia CooperFulfilled CID/TIF application for Bellmont Promenade0.25
    06/01/2017Tracie RaglandFulfilled Records related to QF231203-20100.25
    06/01/2017Ray ErlichmanFulfilled With regards to the possible remodel, refurbish, renovation, upgrades... (click date for more)0.25
    05/31/2017Tracie RaglandFulfilled Environmental records related to property north of the Justice Center0.25
    05/31/2017Daniel HrenchirWithdrawn Plot plan for 13406 W 67th Street0.25
    05/31/2017Clint McAlisterFulfilled Plot Plan for 6324 Theden0.25
    05/31/2017Brian and Michelle OnealFulfilled Plot plan for 14720 W 50th St0.25
    05/30/2017Ray ErlichmanFulfilled September 2011 Monthly report0.25
    05/30/2017Scott SchauFulfilled Plot plan for 5308 Brockway0.25
    05/30/2017Nick PretzFulfilled Residential blueprints descrbing the floor plan, the locations of... (click date for more)0.25
    05/26/2017Colleen UcagFulfilled Bid list for Johnson Drive and Mund Road Stormwater Pipe Repair... (click date for more)0.25
    05/24/2017John BeckerFulfilled CIP for 47th Street, drainage info (drawings and calculations)0.25
    05/23/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled 6200 Nieman Street Plans and Specs0.25
    05/23/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Plan holders list for 6200 Nieman Street0.25
    05/23/2017Shane ParrishFulfilled All records associated with the following site: 12640 W 63rd St.... (click date for more)0.25
    05/22/2017Mike TurnerFulfilled Plot plan for 4914 McCoy0.25
    05/22/2017Steve SpauldingFulfilled Action letter dated April 26, 2005 for PUD-7-02-09 and copy of... (click date for more)0.25
    05/22/2017Jody PachcoWithdrawn Fire/Bldg Info for 15810 W 67th Street0.25
    05/19/2017Rachelle BiondoFulfilled Protest Petitions for Z-02-17-030.25
    05/17/2017Lee Ann PattersonFulfilled Final Plat and Buidling Matrix Exhibit for Herrington park 4th Plat... (click date for more)0.25
    05/16/2017Karen MitchellFulfilled Buildling permit including deck for 15523 W 61st Terrace0.25
    05/16/2017Steve RogersFulfilled Plot Plan for 5829 Oakview Street0.25
    05/12/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled 67th Street and Caenen Avenue Traffic Signal Plans and Specs0.25
    05/12/2017Tyler ReedFulfilled Building permit information related to 12509 W 74th Terrace0.50
    05/12/2017Kylee LossFulfilled For 11400 W 65th Street: Outstanding building code violations... (click date for more)0.25
    05/12/2017Kylee LossFulfilled For 11400 W 65th Street: Outstanding building code violations... (click date for more)0.25
    05/12/2017Mark HeinFulfilled Plot Plan for 6809 Haskins0.25
    05/12/2017Tana PerryFulfilled Any and all documents related to 13912 W 48th St. Building permits... (click date for more)0.25
    05/11/2017Drew HayesWithdrawn Cert. of Occupancy and any open building code vios for 6701 Lackman... (click date for more)0.75
    05/11/2017All State ContractingFulfilled Deck Plans0.25
    05/11/2017Roberta KilroyFulfilled Plot Plan for 5714 Hauser0.25
    05/09/2017Alexander EllisFulfilled Plot plan for 21506 W 53rd Terrace0.25
    05/08/2017Jay FariasFulfilled Plot plan for 21210 W 55th Ter0.25
    05/05/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Bid docs for 73rd and Martindale and Nieman projects0.25
    05/05/2017Steven AlbrinckFulfilled Bid docs for Nieman projects0.25
    05/03/2017Ray ErlichmanFulfilled List of all businesses that have had a business license to operate at... (click date for more)0.25
    05/02/2017Joe DurhamFulfilled Plot plan for 21814 W 60th St0.25
    05/01/2017Jacqueline SessaFulfilled Information on the Mid-America Sports Complex Feasibility Study... (click date for more)0.25
    04/28/2017Lien Research TeamFulfilled Open code violations or any open/expired permits for 22106 W 71st... (click date for more)0.25
    04/28/2017Randy WaitsFulfilled Plot plan for 5501 Hedge Lane Terrace0.25
    04/27/2017Tracie RaglandFulfilled For (QF 241206-3003 [17305 Holliday Dr.] and QF 241206-3006 [no... (click date for more)0.25
    04/27/2017Ali FarahaniFulfilled Storm drain plan, elevations and sizing, also other drawing or... (click date for more)0.25
    04/25/2017Steve HatesolFulfilled Plot Plan for 5603 Widmer Street0.25
    04/24/2017Tashrif RezwanFulfilled Awarded proposal for Microsoft Dynamics XRM Consultants0.25
    04/24/2017Kevin YorkFulfilled Civil/Site Plans for Panera Bread0.25
    04/24/2017Michael and Pamely RennerFulfilled Building plans, blue prints, lot/land records, name of... (click date for more)0.25
    04/24/2017Patty MilbournWithdrawn Plot Plan for 6524 Bradshaw0.25
    04/24/2017Robert SantoyoFulfilled Plot Plan for 6210 Acuff0.25
    04/19/2017Todd AndersonFulfilled Records regarding hazmat responses, aboveground or underground... (click date for more)0.25
    04/19/2017Chad MatthewsFulfilled Records related to Pinegate West Apartments, 6510 Barton Circle0.25
    04/17/2017David MarvinFulfilled Survey of 6817 Alden Street0.25
    04/15/2017Roth EnvironmentalFulfilled Records pertaining to any reported environmental problems of a... (click date for more)0.25
    04/14/2017Mike and Kelly VailleFulfilled Plot Plan and House Plans for 5740 Apache Drive0.25
    04/13/2017Jeff KingFulfilled Plot plan for 6813 Alden Street0.25
    04/11/2017Nathan UrbauerFulfilled Preliminary Plat of Canyon Lakes0.25
    04/10/2017Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Total YTD expenses as of 3/31/17 for Qrivit vs. COS0.25
    04/07/2017UES Consulting Services, Inc.Fulfilled For QP220000010003 and 0004, a summary of all available records... (click date for more)0.25
    04/06/2017Jason MullinFulfilled Building Inspection reports, any variances for 20731 W 68th Street0.25
    04/05/2017UES Consulting Services, Inc.Fulfilled 5416 Martindale St.


    Open Permits /... (click date for more)
    04/05/2017Matt EblenWithdrawn Files for Granite Falls0.25
    04/04/2017Rachelle BiondoFulfilled All permits for 6020 Nieman0.25
    04/04/2017Lisa ParksFulfilled Permit for fence at 5450 Lackman Road (constructed approx. 1991)0.25
    03/31/2017Marci BrockettFulfilled 13020 Shawnee Mission Parkway and 6290 Richards Drive
    § certificates... (click date for more)
    03/31/2017Marci BrockettFulfilled environmental records regarding solid and hazardous waste permits,... (click date for more)0.25
    03/30/2017Sally JohnsonFulfilled Codes/Fire/Planning Info related to 7530 Cody Street0.25
    03/28/2017Sandra KenneyFulfilled Plot plan for 7344 Oakview Street0.25
    03/27/2017Sandra KenneyFulfilled Blue prints for 14420 W 71st Street0.25
    03/27/2017UES Consulting Services, Inc.Fulfilled 8320 Hedge Lane Ter:


    Open Permits /... (click date for more)
    03/23/2017James DavisFulfilled For the Carlyle Apartments property located at 7530 Cody Street,... (click date for more)0.25
    03/21/2017SmartProcureFulfilled The specific information requested from your record keeping system... (click date for more)0.25
    03/20/2017Pedro CalderonFulfilled Plot Plan for 12405 W 70th St0.25
    03/20/2017Tony SchraqFulfilled Plot plan for 21718 W 62nd Street0.25
    03/17/2017Kurt YoungstonFulfilled Inspect Bldg Plans for 6100 Nieman Rd0.25
    03/15/2017Terry DeFratiesFulfilled Plot plan for 5133 Ballentine0.25
    03/13/2017Scott MattesonFulfilled List of names/addresses that were sent a notice related to the... (click date for more)0.25
    03/09/2017Lerayne FletcherWithdrawn Floor Plans for 11914 SMPKY0.25
    03/06/2017William TrippWithdrawn Floor Plans for 10919 Johnson Drive and 11119 Johnson Drive
    03/03/2017John WaldenFulfilled House plans for 14735 W 50th Street0.25
    03/01/2017PMA EngineeringFulfilled Any drawings on 13342 W 62nd0.25
    02/23/2017Colleen UcagFulfilled Comprehensive and Systematic Video Inspection of the City’s Storm... (click date for more)0.25
    02/22/2017Thomas SimsFulfilled Drawing records for new addition (Permit approved 2008) at 10910 W... (click date for more)0.25
    02/21/2017CivicPlusFulfilled Vendor scoring sheet from the Website RfP0.25
    02/21/2017Rachelle BiondoFulfilled Any and all documents, applications, plans relating to Planning Dept.... (click date for more)1.00
    02/21/2017Charles MarvineFulfilled Building Plans for 13403 W 72nd Street0.25
    02/21/2017Michael McVeyFulfilled Plan and permit info for 5280 Barton, 11200, 11202, 11208 and 11210... (click date for more)1.00
    02/16/2017Blue Feather, Inc.Fulfilled Blue Prints for 21628 Midland Drive0.25
    02/15/2017Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Statement of Substantial Interest Mayoral Election 2015 for Jeff... (click date for more)0.25
    02/07/2017Cathy HarmesFulfilled Fire Department Org Chart and salary info0.25
    02/02/2017Charles MaisFulfilled Planning and DevSev Files for Seven Hills Subdivision0.25
    02/01/2017Cathy HarmesFulfilled 2017-18 Pay Plan for Firefighters0.25
    02/01/2017Patrick Parkes, Kansas Policy InstituteFulfilled For Calendar Year 2016: City of Shawnee Payroll  Information for all... (click date for more)4.00
    01/25/2017Aloune SanoubaneFulfilled Blueprints for 13858 W 58th Place0.25
    01/25/2017Kyle KremersFulfilled Documents that you have regarding the establishment of that TIF... (click date for more)1.00
    01/17/2017Daniel MillerFulfilled 5919 Barton Dr., Shawnee, KS. I am requesting a summary of all... (click date for more)0.25
    01/13/2017Mark BodineFulfilled All permit applications, permits, inspections records for the tenant... (click date for more)0.25
    01/12/2017AJ ShreveFulfilled Certificates of Occupancy and building permits, spills, hazardour... (click date for more)0.25
    01/12/2017Cassie PhelpsFulfilled Confirm the zoning of the property located at 7311-7399 Quivira Road... (click date for more)0.25
    01/11/2017Mary MacBainFulfilled Blueprints and file for 4951 Bradshaw St0.25
    01/10/2017John FerrellWithdrawn New Build Single Family Residential Development, etc.0.25
    01/10/2017Victoria HeiderFulfilled Plot Plan for 7205 Legler0.25
    01/06/2017Ray ErlichmanFulfilled Total YTD expenses as of 12/31/16 for Qrivit vs. COS0.25
    01/05/2017Matt Clune/Bill NultonFulfilled All documents related to Building Permit Number 16-196 (22413 W 53rd... (click date for more)0.00
    01/04/2017Steve FolsomFulfilled Plot Plan for 24105 W 67th Terrace0.25
    01/03/2017Daniel PotterFulfilled File and blue prints for property at 6120 Alden Street0.25
    01/03/2017Khoi NguyenFulfilled Plot plan for 0.25
    01/03/2017Matt CoxWithdrawn ROW information for SMPKY adjacent to 11311 SMPKY, in the NW 1/4 of... (click date for more)0.25
    01/03/2017Matthew ParkerFulfilled Construction drawings for the storm sewer and inlets at 6028 Alden.... (click date for more)2.00
    01/03/2017City of ManhattanFulfilled Copy of City Manager's contract and copmensation package0.25
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    *Requests are considered outstanding if they are being processed by the City, the requesting party has been notified of the costs and has not agreed to or submitted payment, or the City is waiting on confirmation that the record will not be used for commercial purposes in compliance with K.S.A. 45-220(c).

    **Requests are considered withdrawn/not fulfilled when the requesting party voluntarily withdraws their request, declines to cover the City's costs associated with the request as per KSA 45 219(c)(1), the record(s) requested do not exist, or for other statutory reasons.

    Open Records Exceptions
    There are some records that contain information which is private in nature and because of this the documents are excluded from disclosure requirements under the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-221). Some of the records exempted by the law include personnel information of City employees; medical treatment records; records which are protected by the attorney-client privilege or the rules of evidence; records containing personal information compiled for census purposes; and criminal investigation records.