Neighborhood Focus
Neighborhood Focus

The Neighborhood Focus Program was adopted to assist older neighborhoods without homes associations in being better connected with the City. This program provides a one-contact resource for information and assistance, connecting residents with the Planning Department, Codes Administration, Public Works, and the City Clerk’s office. The ultimate goals of the Neighborhood Focus Program are to maintain healthy neighborhoods through on-going communication, and to organize neighborhood groups to carry out identified activities and keep in touch on a frequent basis.

There are currently four established neighborhoods in the Neighborhood Focus Program. Residents of these neighborhoods can find quarterly newsletters, neighborhood news, and other relevant City information posted on the respective links below.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for your neighborhood group, you may contact Lauren Grashoff at (913) 742-6226.

New Residential Zoning Regulations Approved for Downtown Shawnee

On September 14 the City Council adopted an amendment to the City’s Zoning Regulations to include a new single family residential overlay (R-1(O)). The overlay was developed to accommodate for changing housing trends and to encourage new development in downtown neighborhoods.

The R-1(O) regulations allow for modifications to the standard Single-Family Residential (R-1) zoning district, including reducing the overall lot area, lot width, side and rear yard setbacks, and overall livable floor area. Specific design requirements and parking standards must be met, such as requiring the style of the homes to be reminiscent of a bungalow, Cape Cod or cottage homes, requiring a tree preservation plan, and requiring two off-street parking spaces for each unit. The design of the homes is reviewed by the Planning Commission during the rezoning process, and the design requirements must be met for approval of any rezoning requests. The district includes the area from Quivira Road east to the City limits and from Shawnee Mission Parkway north to 55th Street.

The Community Connections Nieman Road Study completed in 2014 recommended adding a variety of new housing types in the downtown area to accommodate for the shifting housing needs and to help create economic growth. Housing can be the most effective way to support local retail because residents purchase more local goods and services than area workers. One of the ways suggested in the study to add housing units is to encourage infill housing. Specifically, allowing for the development of cottage-type homes that fit the scale and character of the existing neighborhoods surrounding the downtown business corridor. These homes can easily be developed on a single residential lot or large lots can be subdivided for a grouping of cottage-type homes. The new housing stock can help stabilize and improve existing neighborhoods.

Residential property owners within the designated district may now utilize the overlay district with approval of a plat and a rezoning. The rezoning process requires a public hearing by the Planning Commission and City Council, and all property owners within 200 feet of the subject property are notified of the request.

Chapter 17.20 - Single Family Residential Overlay requirements

For more information about the new zoning regulations contact the Planning Department at 742-6011.