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09.00.000Title 9
09.01.000Uniform Public Offense Code
09.01.010Incorporating Uniform Public Offense Code.
09.03.000Offenses Against Justice
09.03.010Failure to appear.
09.03.020Unlawful interference with law enforcement officer.
09.03.030Unlawful wearing of uniform, badge or insignia of law enforcement officer.
09.03.040Battery Against a Law Enforcement Officer
09.04.000Alarms and Automatic Alarm Systems
09.04.020Certain interconnections prohibited.
09.04.030Certain interconnections prohibited.
09.04.040Additional regulations, requirements and duties.
09.04.050False alarms--Fees required when.
09.06.000Controlled Substances
09.06.010Possession of controlled substances
09.06.020Possession of drug paraphernalia
09.07.000Offenses Pertaining to Alcohol
09.07.020Gallonage tax stamps or crown required on package for sale or transport.
09.07.030Consumption In Public Place Unlawful.
09.07.040Penalty for violation of Section 9.07.020 or 9.07.030.
09.07.050Nudity in licensed premises--Legislative finding and purpose.
09.07.060Licensed premises defined.
09.07.070Exposure on licensed premises.
09.07.080Penalty for violation of Section 9.07.070.
09.08.000Special Investigative and Narcotic Fund
09.08.010Establishment--Purpose and intent.
09.08.040Quarterly report.
09.10.000Urination and Defecation in Public
09.10.010Urination and Defecation in Public--Prohibited.
09.12.000Voyeurism Prohibited
09.12.010Voyeurism Prohibited
09.13.000Weapons Offenses
09.13.010Unlawful Use of Weapons Other Than Firearms.
09.13.020Drawing a Weapon Upon Another.
09.13.050Unlawful Discharge of Firearms
09.13.060Air Soft Gun, Air Soft Rifle, Crossbow, Bow and Arrow, Slingshot, BB Gun or Paint Ball Gun.
09.13.070Unlawful Modification of a Weapon.
09.13.080Hunting Prohibited
09.13.090Urban Deer Management and Control.
09.14.000Unlawful Use Of License Or Identification Card
09.14.010Unlawful Use of License or Identification Card
09.14.020Using License or Identification Card for Prohibited Purposes.
09.16.000Pedestrian District
09.16.010Pedestrian District*
09.16.020Operation of Skateboards Prohibited in Pedestrian District
09.16.030Operation of Bicycles Prohibited on Sidewalks Within Pedestrian District
09.16.040Certain Conduct Excluded
09.16.050Skateboards and Bicycles Prohibited on Private Property as Posted
09.34.000Picketing of Residences
09.34.010Acts constituting picketing.
09.34.020Picketing of residences unlawful.
09.40.000Regulation of Street Sweepers on Private Property
09.40.010Operation on certain property during certain hours prohibited.
09.50.000Public Nudity.
09.50.010Public Nudity.
09.60.010Littering Prohibited.
09.70.000Regulating Noise Within Residential Areas of the City
09.70.030Residential Noise Disturbances Prohibited
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