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08.00.000Title 8
08.04.000Johnson County Sanitary Code Adopted
08.04.010Incorporated by reference.
08.04.020Administration and prosecution.
08.04.025Septic tank malfunction.
08.04.030Abandoning sewers and septic systems.
08.04.040Engineered septic systems.
08.08.000Johnson County Food Service Sanitation Manual Adopted
08.08.010Incorporated by reference.
08.12.000Milk and Milk Products
08.16.000Solid Waste
08.16.030Collection Required
08.16.040Collector Requirements
08.16.050Minimum Standards for Collection and Transportation
08.16.060License Requirements
08.16.070Storage Regulations
08.16.080Hours of Collection
08.16.090Disposal Regulations
08.16.100Violation--Prohibited Acts
08.16.120Violation -- Penalty
08.20.000Burning Regulations
08.20.010Burning unlawful--Exception.
08.20.020Permit Required -- Issuance.
08.20.030Permitted When.
08.20.040Rules and regulations.
08.20.050Prohibited on street and rights-of-way.
08.24.000Noxious Weeds and Excessive Growth
08.24.010Purpose and Findings
08.24.030Excessive Growth Prohibited.
08.24.040Noxious Weeds Prohibited
08.24.050Codes Enforcement Supervisor -- Order to Abate
08.24.060Service of Order to Abate
08.24.070Abatement and Assessment of Costs by City
08.24.080Unlawful Interference
08.28.010Infected, infested--Removal or treatment required.
08.28.020Dead trees--Declared nuisance.
08.28.030Dead trees--Removal.
08.28.040Regulation of trees and shrubs by city.
08.28.050Encroachment prohibited.
08.32.000Abandoned Vehicles
08.32.030Parking, storing unlawful.
08.32.050Businesses excepted--Screening required.
08.32.060Prima facie evidence of inoperability.
08.32.075Notice of Violation
08.32.080Effect on zoning restrictions.
08.36.000Pollution and Similar Health Offenses.
08.36.010Pollution of streams.
08.36.020Stagnant water.
08.36.030Dumping manure--Exception.
08.40.010Creating a hazard.
08.44.000Code Enforcement
08.44.010Presumption of Ownership
08.44.020Duties Upon Transfer of Ownership
08.48.000Emergency Operations Act
08.48.010Declaration of State of Local Emergency; Authority
08.48.020Local Emergency Operation Plan Established; Activation
08.48.030Public Responsibility
08.48.040Powers and Immunities of Emergency Personnel
08.48.050Dangerous Structures
08.48.060Other Local Emergencies
08.48.070Agreements with State
08.48.080Extraterritorial Assistance
08.48.090Acceptance of Support
08.48.110Violation and Penalties
08.48.120Time Period
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