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16.00.000Title 16
16.04.000General Provisions
16.04.010Application of regulations.
16.04.020Approvals--Acceptance--Subdivision plats.
16.08.000Preliminary Plats
16.08.010Pre-application Reviews.
16.08.020Preliminary plat.
16.08.021Approval or Disapproval of the Preliminary Plat.
16.08.022Filing fee.
16.08.024Revisions Required to Preliminary Plat.
16.08.025Revisions Required to Remaining Portions of a Preliminary Plat not Included in a Final Plat.
16.12.000Final Plats
16.12.010Submission of final plat to Planning Commission.
16.12.020Contents of Final Plat (formerly 16.12.010).
16.12.030Copies (formerly 16.12.010 (B)).
16.12.040Supplemental Documents (formerly 6.12.010(B)).
16.12.050Filing Fee (formerly 16.12.010 (E)).
16.12.060Submission to the Governing Body (formerly 16.12.010 (G)).
16.12.070Revisions Required to an Approved but Unrecorded Final Plat.
16.16.000Design Standards
16.16.035Lot Splits.
16.16.050Stormwater Management.
16.16.060Park and Recreation Land Use Fees or Dedication of Open Space in Lieu of Payment.
16.16.065Tree Preservation Areas.
16.16.070Street and sidewalk construction.
16.16.080Permanent markers--Monuments.
16.18.000Construction of Required Public Improvements.
16.18.010Construction of Required Public Improvements.
16.20.000Building Permits
16.20.010Building Permits.
16.20.020Building permits on unplatted properties.
16.24.000Recording and Acceptance
16.24.010Conditions for recording.
16.24.020Endorsement and filing of plat.
16.24.030Acceptance of streets.
16.32.000Violations and Penalty
16.32.010Sale of lots from unrecorded plat.
16.32.020Receiving or recording unapproved plats.
16.32.030Misrepresentations as to construction, supervision and inspection of improvements.
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