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12.00.000Title 12
12.06.000Right-of-Way Management.
12.06.010General Prohibition.
12.06.025Above Ground Utility Structures.
12.06.210Prohibition of Nuisances in the Right of Way.
12.06.220General Regulation and Maintenance of Right-of-Way.
12.06.230Maintenance of Sidewalks; Snow Ice, and Debris Removal.
12.06.240Congregation on Sidewalks.
12.06.250Oversized/Overweight Vehicles.
12.06.302Requirements of Service Provider.
12.06.304Mapping Requirement of Service Provider.
12.06.306Service Provider's Right to Sell, Transfer, Lease, Assign, Sublet or Dispose.
12.06.308Use of Right-of-Way.
12.06.310Facility Relocation.
12.06.312Protection of the Public.
12.06.314Right-of-Way Vacation.
12.06.316Abandoned and Unusable Facilities.
12.06.318Permit Requirements.
12.06.320Permit Applications.
12.06.322Liability Insurance, Performance and Maintenance Bond Requirement.
12.06.326Permit Fees.
12.06.328Issuance of Permit.
12.06.330Permitted Work.
12.06.332Right-of-Way Repair and Restoration.
12.06.334Joint Applications.
12.06.336Additional Work and Expired Permits.
12.06.338Other Obligations.
12.06.340Denial of a Permit.
12.06.342Revocation of a Permit.
12.06.344Work Requirements and Inspections.
12.06.410Federal, State and City Jurisdiction.
12.06.430City's Failure to Enforce.
12.06.440Abatement of Nuisances and Hazards in the Right-of-Way.
12.06.450Reservation of Rights.
12.12.000City Parks and Cemetery
12.12.015Rules and Regulations.
12.12.020Reservation permit.
12.12.040Injuring property or removing equipment prohibited.
12.12.050Littering prohibited.
12.12.060Vehicle restrictions and prohibitions.
12.12.070Campfires and burning materials prohibited--Exception.
12.12.080Restroom maintenance.
12.12.090Use of playgrounds and equipment.
12.12.095Use of parks and cemetery -- Restrictions.
12.14.000Park and Recreation Land Use Fund
12.14.020Calculation of Fees
12.16.000City Tennis Courts
12.16.020Signs erected.
12.20.000Municipal Swimming Pool
12.20.010Rules and regulations.
12.20.020Pool manager--Powers and duties.
12.20.030Bathing suits required.
12.20.040Diseased persons prohibited.
12.20.050Refusal of admission.
12.20.060Throwing articles prohibited.
12.20.070Animals prohibited.
12.20.080Identification patch or card nontransferable.
12.20.090Children required to be accompanied by adult.
12.20.120Rules posted.
12.20.130Identification patch or card required for admission.
12.26.000Excise Tax on Platting Real Property
12.26.010Purpose and authority.
12.26.030Levy and payment of tax.
12.26.035Exemption of governmental entities from the excise tax.
12.26.040Deductions and exceptions from area.
12.26.050Credits against excise tax.
12.26.060Procedures for calculating tax and credits.
12.26.070Participation in Future Public Improvement Districts
12.28.000Peripheral Street
12.28.060Temporary improvements to peripheral streets.
12.30.000Shawnee Design and Construction Manual
12.30.030Mandatory Compliance
12.30.040Penalty and Violation
12.32.000Landfill Impact Fee
12.32.030Imposition of Sanitary Landfill Impact Fee
12.32.040Impact Fee Shall be an Obligation of the Owner
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