City of Shawnee Maps
City of Shawnee Maps
The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division of the Information Technology (IT) Department maintains the geographic databases for the City of Shawnee. Geographic databases include city maintained infrastructure (Street Lights, Street Signs, Stormwater Inlets, Public Streets), Planning and Development information (Zoning, Land Use Guide, Construction, Capital Improvement Projects), Permits and Licenses (Building Permits and Business Licenses), and Recreation locations (Parks and Trails).

The City of Shawnee provides 3 types of public web maps:

    Interactive Maps allow you to identify features on a map and get additional information about the features, including links to other web pages. You can zoom in and out on the map and locate an address. Interactive maps are displayed in your web browser.

    PDF Maps are digital copies of hardcopy maps produced by the city. You can view the maps in your web browser or download them and view in Adobe Reader.

    Presentations are story maps that combine maps and comments to describe a project or program. The presentation will open in a browser window. You can step through the presentation and follow links and interact with the maps.

    The city of Shawnee GIS works closely with the Johnson County Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS). Johnson County maintains parcel ownership records.