Zoning Information
Zoning Information
Zoning information for properties located in Shawnee may be searched by entering the address in the search box below. Zoning codes used within Shawnee city limits are listed below with the full zoning district name.

For more information about the zoning districts or the uses allowed within a particular district, you may refer to the Zoning Ordinance Shawnee - Municipal Code Title 17 or call the Planning Department at (913) 742-6011.

AGAgriculturalPSF-ARPSF - Age Restricted
CHCommercial HighwayPUDMRPUD Mixed Residential
CH(O)Commercial Highway (Overlay)PUDOCPUD Office Commercial
CNCommercial NeighborhoodR-1Single Family Residential
DUDuplex ResidentialREResidential Estates
PIPlanned IndustrialRGAResidential Garden Apartments
POProfessional OfficeRSResidential Suburban
PSFPlanned Single FamilyTSQTownsquare

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To select the property on a map, you can use the City of Shawnee Interactive Zoning Map.