Mobile Restaurants
Mobile Restaurants

Food trucks continue to be a popular and growing trend in our local community and around the country. Because of this, cities have begun to develop regulations regarding their operations.

The City Council Committee recently reviewed the existing policies for mobile restaurants in Shawnee, specifically in regards to how they operate in public and private spaces, as well as at local events. After getting feedback from local mobile restaurant vendors and reviewing how other local cities are handling this issue, new regulations were created to help clarify how and where mobile restaurants can operate within the City.

The regulations adopted on October 6, 2015, are designed to provide guidance for mobile restaurant operators desiring to provide temporary food service from trucks or trailers within City limits. Some of the items that the ordinance requires are:

  • All mobile restaurants operating within Shawnee City limits must obtain a business license. Proof of a valid State of Kansas Food Establishment License must be provided in order to receive a license.
  • The business license is $100, annually and is pro-rated.
  • Mobile restaurants are allowed to operate at City-authorized events, on private property and within street public right-of-way. No special permits are required.
  • They must be at least 50 feet from permanent restaurants when operating.
  • Mobile Restaurants must have the property owner’s consent to operate on private property.
  • Mobile Restaurants can operate in public right-of-way when utilizing on-street parking spaces. Items should only be sold curbside, and vehicles and trailers should not interfere with traffic flow.
  • Mobile restaurants cannot vend in street public right-of-way on parade routes on the day of the parade.
  • They are only permitted in residential areas at an approved block party or other private events.
  • They cannot operate on vacant property or unpaved surfaces.
  • See Municipal Code Section 5.26, Mobile Restaurants, for additional regulations.

For more information or questions about operating a mobile restaurant in Shawnee contact the Planning Department at (913) 742-6011.