Maurer Road to Renner Road Study Area
Maurer Road to Renner Road Study Area

Shawnee Planning staff hosted an open house for residents in the area bounded by Shawnee Mission Parkway, Maurer Road, Midland Drive and Renner Road on October 15, 2013. In addition to planning staff, other city development staff members and representatives from Johnson County Wastewater were present. The purpose of the open house was to solicit ideas and suggestions for the type and configuration of any new proposed development in the area. While at the present time, no proposals have been submitted it is likely that development opportunities may occur in the foreseeable future.

Forty-five persons attended the open house. Most of those attending live along Bell Road and Midland Drive. Participants were requested to draw maps and make comments regarding the type of development they could envision along Shawnee Mission Parkway between Maurer Road and Renner Road, as well as along Midland Drive between Maurer Road and Renner Road. The maps provided an aerial view of the area, and indicated the land use pattern currently shown on the Land Use Guide of the Comprehensive Plan. A proposed future alignment of 67th Street was also shown.

Most residents in attendance realized that development along Shawnee Mission Parkway and Midland Drive in the area would ultimately occur. Responses were sincere and indicated thought was given when providing responses. A review of the maps and comments indicate some consensus emerged in the expectations for future development in the area by the residents that will be used by staff when discussing development plans with developers in the future. Except for the areas currently shown on the Land Use Guide for Office/Commercial Development along Shawnee Mission Parkway, and Office/Service development along Midland Drive there was no desire from the residents to extend the depth of those designations further into the existing neighborhood.

Shawnee Mission Parkway
Two development patterns emerged from the drawings and comments provided for future development along Shawnee Mission Parkway between Maurer Road and Renner Road. Since there is no access to the properties from Shawnee Mission Parkway, access will be provided by a future 67th Street between Maurer and Renner. With one exception, it was the unanimous choice of those completing the exercise to end Bell Road in a cul-de-sac at the northern end of the street.

One of the development patterns that emerged was to provide commercial development north of the future extension of 67th Street, and office development to the south. The second pattern that emerged was to provide commercial development on the eastern portion of the area and office development on the western portion. Both scenarios indicated a desire for a wide landscaped and/or fenced buffer between the future development and the residential development to the south. Another suggested land use along a portion of the southern end of the site was some form of senior living opportunity.

Midland Drive
A single development pattern emerged for the area along Midland Drive. Office development was the preferred use along most of the corridor, with an indication of some light, neighborhood oriented commercial development at the corner of Midland Drive and Renner Road. It was suggested that few if any entrance points be provided along Bell Road, although an entrance to a child care center on the west side of the street currently exists and an entrance to WestGlen Eyecare exists on the east side. It also was suggested that a large vacant parcel of land north of the first tier of lots along Midland Drive remain undeveloped. This parcel contains property that is located in an area has the potential for flooding as well as overhead power lines that traverse the site. A landscaped buffer area was suggested along the northern portion of the properties that may be developed/redeveloped. It was also suggested on several occasions that a subdivision style entrance monument be constructed along Bell Road to provide a visual identification for the residential neighborhood to the north.

The development pattern identified included office/service type development along Midland Drive between Maurer Road and the creek to the west of Bell Road. From the creek west to Renner Road, including the Shawnee Park Christian Church property and the properties to the north along Renner Road as being appropriate for office and neighborhood oriented retail/commercial development.

There was no desire indicated to increase the depth of the office/commercial development to the north than that currently shown on the city’s current Land Use Guide. However, the undeveloped parcel along the creek and under the power lines from a point extended east of the north line of the church property was recommended to remain vacant or used as a buffer from future development along Renner Road.

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Shawnee Mission Parkway - North/South Version

Shawnee Mission Parkway - East/West Version

Midland Drive