FAQs: Public Development
FAQs: Public Development

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Where can I get information about the proposed projects for my area?

    All Capital Improvement Projects for the City are managed by Project Managers in the Development Services Department (913) 742-6012. Current City Projects

Can I have some modifications included for my front yard and driveway?

    Some additional modifications may be considered if the project involves making changes to the slopes in your yard or driveway. Any modifications requested outside the limits of construction would be the property owners responsibility.

Will the contractor work on the project every day of the week?

    The contractor is responsible for his work schedule and is given a limited number of days to complete the project. Normally the contractor will not be working when there is bad weather, Sundays, Holidays or if the contractor is waiting for materials to be delivered or subcontractors to begin their portion of the job.

Can I still access my property if the street is closed to through traffic?

    All properties will be provided access even when the street is closed to through traffic. You may need to contact the project manager if special accommodations are necessary.

Will my property taxes be increased or my appraised value be changed due to the cost of this project?

    No. Capital Improvement Projects are scheduled into the City’s 5-year Budget and only use funds which come from existing tax levels.

    A project will not directly increase the appraised value of your property. The Johnson County Appraiser's Office (913) 829-9500 is responsible for determining the appraised value of a property.

Will there be a special assessment to my property because a project?

    Most projects being constructed will not require special assessments as a part of the funding needed. When a special assessment is anticipated, advanced notification will be sent to each affected property owner.

Will additional right-of-way be needed for the proposed street project?

    Most street projects will include widening the street to improve safety and may require additional right-of-way. Decisions about the need for additional right-of-way will be made during the design stage of the project and you will receive notification from the City.

What does "additional right-of-way" and "temporary" or "drainage easements" mean?

    The public right-of-way is the area set aside for the streets and sidewalks that are used to access your property. It also provides space for most of the utilities that service your neighborhood. A temporary easement is used by the City to gain access to the construction location and to allow for transitional grading between the project and the abutting undisturbed area. A permanent drainage easement will allow for construction of storm sewers and provides access to the system in case repairs or maintenance is needed in the future. The City may need to acquire additional right-of-way, temporary construction, and permanent drainage easements for projects.

Will the City re-seed and restore my property after construction?

    Yes, the City will restore your property by grading and re-seeding fields, sodding yards, and reconstructing damaged driveways and sidewalks.

Will I have access to my property during construction?

    The contractor for the City will be responsible to provide access to your property and your driveway during the duration of the project. If your driveway is being replaced it will not be able to be used for 5-7 days while the concrete is curing.

Will the new street change the surface of my driveway or yard?

    Most street projects include making adjustments to the level of the pavement surface to improve the safety of the street and provide proper drainage. This subject will be discussed at the preliminary plans phase of the project.

Will the City replace trees that are removed as part of the construction?

    The City does not in general replace any trees removed by a project. If existing trees are within the current right-of-way, the City has the right to remove those trees without compensation to the owner. if the trees are within a private easement, the owner may be compensated through the acquisition process.