Street Sweeping
Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is an effective method of removing both the large debris and microscopic pollutants that collect on City streets. The Public Works Department, Field Operations Division currently sweeps every publically owned street within the City, totaling 785 lane miles of streets, including more than 670 cul-de-sacs and 90 dead end streets.

The sweeping program begins annually during the first week of April, weather permitting, and operates with the following schedule:

Street Type
Passes per Year
Bike Lanes
Every 2 weeks
Arterial Streets
Every 4 weeks
Collector Streets
Every 8 weeks
Residential Streets
Every 16 weeks

Street Sweeping Residential Map
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Why do we sweep?
  • Ensure safe mobility by removing debris from the roadway
  • Ensure water quality by removing pollutants from the roadway
  • Ensure a clear path for stormwater drainage
  • Ensure cleanliness and aesthetics throughout the City

Performance Measures

    2014 Total Lane Miles Swept = 2,709
    2013 Total Lane Miles Swept = 2,696
    2012 Total Lane Miles Swept = 2,826

For more information, please view the Street Sweeping Report presented to the City Council Committee on January 3, 2012.

Please contact (913) 742-6008 for any sweeping concerns.