Reduce Reuse Recycle
Reduce Reuse Recycle


When Johnson County conducted their waste sort of the Johnson County Landfill, they found the largest item thrown away that could be recycled was paper.

    Reduce: Do you really need to print everything and on one side? Can you get your billing statements on-line? Think of ways to cut down the need for paper.
    Reuse: If you do print on one side, think about using the other side for notes or use it to print on again.
    Recycle: When you are done with your paper, place it in the recycling.

    Did you realize all of the following paper can be picked up at your curbside?


According to the Clean Air Council, Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.
    Reduce: Minimize purchasing beverages in plastic bottles and start buying things you can reuse. Also bring your own bags to stores and avoid another plastic one.
    Reuse: Buy reusable thermoses and bottles, reuse your plastic grocery bags or bring your own canvass ones.
    Recycle: If you do have products that are in plastic, put them in your curbside recycling bin. If you’re done with your plastic bags, recycle them at different stores around the area.


Container glass is 100% recyclable, can be recycled endlessly, and is a primary ingredient in fiberglass insulation and new glass containers.
    Reduce: Reduce the number of glass containers you have to purchase.
    Reuse: Some glass containers are meant for reuse, like milk bottles that you can return to the store for a refund on your deposit. You can also reuse glass for vases, projects, containers, etc.
    Recycle: If your glass has reached the end of its useful life, the Kansas City area now has a glass recycling market through Ripple Glass. Take your glass to one of the locations near you.

    Ripple Glass KC

Other Reduce Reuse Recycle Tips

      Building and Construction Materials
      Thinking of Remodeling? Consider donating your old materials or purchasing salvaged materials for your project. Habitat Restore is a great resource for finding materials and donating your own.

      Thrift stores and clothing drives are great ways to give your old clothes a second life. Also consider stopping off at a thrift store and see what they have to buy.

      Drop-off Locations for Other Materials
      Other items that can be recycled that are not picked up curbside can be found at - Your Spot for Recycling.

      E-Waste can be recycled at different locations in the Kansas City area. Shawnee has an e-recycling event in May. Locations to recycle your electronics include: