Land Use Guide
Land Use Guide
The Land Use Guide presents a generalized, conceptual view of future development patterns over the next 20 years. The Guide is not a zoning map, nor is it a blueprint since it is not possible to predict all the changes and decisions which will interact to shape the City's future. The plan is reviewed annually and revised as necessary so that it will remain current and effective in guiding development decisions. The Land Use Guide discusses general land use policies but also addresses specific development patterns within several main corridors in the city, including the Johnson Drive Corridor, Shawnee Mission Parkway Corridor, I-435 Corridor, K-7 Highway Corridor, Mill Creek Corridor, as well as development and redevelopment of the downtown area, Townsquare District, and other industrial or commercial areas.

Residential land use is the dominant form of land use in Shawnee. Shawnee has historically provided a varied housing stock, with a diverse array of housing types. Although low density suburban living will continue to be a Shawnee trademark, the spacious land area and diverse physical features have permitted the identification of numerous parcels suitable for medium or high density residential development.

Low density areas (5 or less units/acre) range from rural uses to typical suburban subdivisions. Medium density (5.01 - 10 units/acre) includes duplex and townhome development, small multi-family uses, and planned unit developments which contain a mixture of housing types. High density uses (10.01 or more units/acre) would generally be apartment or condominium developments. Single family residential development remains the principal land use type, and can be expected to remain as such in the future.

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The Comprehensive Plan of the City of Shawnee provides a foundation for all land use regulations by the City. If you have additional questions about the anticipated land use of a property, you can call the Planning Department at (913) 742-6011.