Satisfaction with City Parks and Rec High
Satisfaction with City Parks and Rec High

The City began conducting a Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment Survey every five years starting in 1998. The survey is used to assess satisfaction with the City's parks, facilities and programs and to gather input about the needs of residents and to determine if the current offerings are meeting those needs.

The City contracted with ETC Institute, Olathe, Kansas which conduct parks and recreation surveys across the nation. During the past 20 years, ETC Institute has helped leaders of more than 100 cities in 46 states use citizen surveys to make better decisions.

The survey was administered by a combination of mail and phone to a random sample of residents during February through April 2013.

Results were presented at the August 6, 2013 Council Committee meeting by Ron Vine, ETC Institute and showed that usage and satisfaction are high for parks and facilities.

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