Pavement Management Program
Pavement Management Program

Shawnee’s network of more than 780 lane miles of streets is one or our greatest assets. It is also one of our largest responsibilities with an estimated maintenance cost of $6.9 million per year. City staff and leaders continue to devote significant efforts on continuing to protect this asset. This web page is devoted to highlighting the discussion and for providing links to the various presentations and meeting minutes on the subject.

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What condition are our streets in today?

The City rates every street in the City on a three year rotation using the PASER rating scale (1-10). The lowest rated streets are then evaluated again by a three member team and the lowest average ratings are recommended for resurfacing following the available budget.

Click on the link above and type in your address to see how your street and neighborhood is rated.

This slide highlights how many lane miles of Shawnee are rated 1-10 and how the numbers have changed over the past five years.

Where have we resurfaced the past 3 years?

My street is ditch section -- when will it ever be improved with curbs or sidewalks?

Another challenge we have in addition to funding the maintenance of existing streets, curbs, and sidewalks, is the desire to improve our ditch section streets with new curbs and sidewalks.

This slide illustrates the locations for the 145 lane miles of our ditch section streets. Nearly 20% of Shawnee's streets do not currently have curbs or sidewalks.

What's our Street Program Budget?

This slide illustrates the actual street maintenance program budget the past eight years.

This slide illustrates the anticipated funding plan for the program through 2017.

Where can I learn more?

A great place to see additional information on the street maintenance program discussion is to take a look at the Power Point presentations to the City Council over the past few years. We’ve attached those here and provided links to the associated meeting minutes.