Field Operations Division
Field Operations Division
Streets and Right of Way

Streets and Right of Way crews maintain all city streets, curbs, sidewalks, retaining walls, and guard rails. Regular maintenance activities include:

  • pothole repair
  • sealing pavement cracks
  • temporary repairs to curbs and sidewalks
  • full depth removal and replacement
  • guard rail repairs
  • retaining walls repairs and street sweeping
    Annual Pavement Management Program

    Snow and Ice Control


Traffic employees maintain city traffic signals, street lights, school beacons, street signs, and pavement markings. Regular maintenance activities include:
  • traffic signal programming
  • traffic signal inspections
  • signal equipment repair or replacement
  • street light buld and ballast replacement
  • electrical repairs
  • LED street light conversions
  • school beacon programming
  • damaged sign repair or replacement
  • sign reflectivity replacement
  • pavement striping


Stormwater Maintenance